The Edge awards 2013: best game

The Edge awards 2013

For all the hype surrounding a new generation of consoles, 2013 demonstrated that mastery over the form is more significant than the number of particles pushed onto screens. The vast world of Los Santos layered glistening beauty upon gruelling grit, while The Last Of Us cut through an overcrowded genre with a refined script and… Continue reading

Republique, Episode 1: Exordium review

Republique, Episode 1- Exordium review

“Where are the triple-A games designed specifically for touch-based devices?” asks Republique’s Kickstarter campaign. Exordium is the first part of an attempt by developer Camouflaj – a team of industry veterans who’ve worked on the likes of Halo, Metal Gear Solid and FEAR – to answer that question. It’s successful in the sense that here… Continue reading