Mario Golf: World Tour review

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at 03:00pm April 24 2014
Mario Golf World Tour

The first Mario Golf game in a decade has no idea what it wants to be. The good walk spoiled has always been Mario’s safest sporting home, a place for Nintendo and its trusted caddy Camelot to play with the boundaries of both reality and its own fictions. NES Open Tournament stripped golf back to…

Airtight’s noir detective story Murdered: Soul Suspect plays the dead card with a vengeance

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at 12:30pm April 24 2014

Square Enix’s Yosuke Shiokawa, director of Dissidia Final Fantasy, approached Airtight Games with his latest idea after a period of great consideration. It began when he was watching Die Hard and an unbidden muse struck. What if John McClane had died right at the start of the movie? What if he became a ghost? What…

Three new Epic games incoming as Unreal Engine 4 looks to define a new generation

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at 10:00am April 24 2014

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has countered the suggestion that Epic is moving away from game development by confirming the existence of three new games in the works at the developer. A high-end next generation title will look to showcase Unreal Engine 4’s power and fidelity alongside a mobile game and the previously-announced ‘co-op sandbox…

Nintendo Pocket Football Club review

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at 03:11pm April 23 2014
Nintendo Pocket Football Club

So, a football management sim from Nintendo, from which we might reasonably expect joy, irreverence, and a stripped-down list of activities which retain and enhance the core joys of telling men how best to kick a ball at a goal. Initially things seem promising. Specifically, they look promising. The tappable map of visitable locations is a…

F2P Summit aims to define the state of free-to-play

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at 02:53pm April 23 2014

What is it about free-to-play games that inspires such a polarisation of opinion? Done right, it’s a perfectly valid and effective way for developers to minimise barriers to entry and get their work in front of as many players as possible. And yet so much of the focus around this new way to sell games…

Rhythm action: meet the Japanese developers who make music when they’re not making games

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at 10:50am April 23 2014
The Electric Bends

Dylan Cuthbert remembers his first visit to Sony, where an engineer told him she was practising tuba for a company brass band event. “I recall Shigeru Miyamoto has a yearly event with his cohorts at Nintendo, too,” says the Q-Games founder. “They all have to play a live piece of music; Miyamoto plays guitar and…

Fract OSC review

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at 03:00pm April 22 2014
Fract OSC 3

Fract OSC is inscrutable. You’re dropped into a gorgeous polygonal neon world without a single line of text to get you started, no flashing objective marker to show the way, no patient explanation of its systems to help you along. The only things Phosfiend Systems explicitly reveals is that one mouse button locks your view…

Still Playing: Infamous: Second Son – why it’s impossible to create a truly anti-authoritarian game

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at 12:00pm April 22 2014

Delsin Rowe, hero of Infamous: Second Son, is a dangerous man. His denim cutoff jacket alone probably makes him one of the most dangerous men alive. If you told him to go to bed at eleven, he’d stay up until quarter to twelve – at the earliest. As Rage Against the Machine said, he definitely…

NES Remix 2 review

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at 10:15am April 22 2014
NES remix 2 review

A five-month turnaround for a sequel is quick by any standards, but it’s easy to see why Nintendo might wish to capitalise on what could prove to be one of its savviest ideas in recent times. It’s an efficient way for the company to plug gaps in Wii U’s sparse release schedule, while satisfying the…

Retrospective: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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at 04:00pm April 21 2014
Ocarina 1

Shigeru Miyamoto once said that ‘a delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever’. If that saying were ever to be collected, it should be illustrated with a picture of Ocarina Of Time, the game that didn’t make the Nintendo 64 launch date by over two years. If gaming ever had a…

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