Fract OSC review

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at 03:00pm April 22 2014
Fract OSC 3

Fract OSC is inscrutable. You’re dropped into a gorgeous polygonal neon world without a single line of text to get you started, no flashing objective marker to show the way, no patient explanation of its systems to help you along. The only things Phosfiend Systems explicitly reveals is that one mouse button locks your view…

Still Playing: Infamous: Second Son – why it’s impossible to create a truly anti-authoritarian game

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at 12:00pm April 22 2014

Delsin Rowe, hero of Infamous: Second Son, is a dangerous man. His denim cutoff jacket alone probably makes him one of the most dangerous men alive. If you told him to go to bed at eleven, he’d stay up until quarter to twelve – at the earliest. As Rage Against the Machine said, he definitely…

NES Remix 2 review

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at 10:15am April 22 2014
NES remix 2 review

A five-month turnaround for a sequel is quick by any standards, but it’s easy to see why Nintendo might wish to capitalise on what could prove to be one of its savviest ideas in recent times. It’s an efficient way for the company to plug gaps in Wii U’s sparse release schedule, while satisfying the…

Retrospective: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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at 04:00pm April 21 2014
Ocarina 1

Shigeru Miyamoto once said that ‘a delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever’. If that saying were ever to be collected, it should be illustrated with a picture of Ocarina Of Time, the game that didn’t make the Nintendo 64 launch date by over two years. If gaming ever had a…

Retrospective: Half-Life 2

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at 01:00pm April 21 2014
Half-Life 2

Had it slipped even farther from that 2003 release date, sending expectations not just through the roof but into outer space, Half-Life 2 would still have scored that 10. Like Xen, the border world in which life for Gordon Freeman went from bad to catastrophic in the blink of an eye, it exists entirely in…

Retrospective: Super Mario 64

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at 10:30am April 21 2014

To get one of the ‘secret’ castle stars in Super Mario 64, you need to catch a yellow rabbit. It’s there, unexpectedly, when Mario unlocks a door in the basement of Peach’s castle, hopping to and fro. There’s no indication of its purpose, or that you’ll be rewarded for capturing it; no precedent for Mario…

Retrospective: Halo: Combat Evolved

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at 04:00pm April 20 2014
Halo retro

It probably ranks as the greatest turnaround in the history of gaming, and it’s impossible that more could have been riding on it. When Halo was released, Microsoft was seen as a mistrusted outsider with predatory motives and a ridiculed console design. Within a matter of weeks in late 2001, all that had changed. Halo…

Retrospective: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

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at 10:30am April 20 2014
Link to the past

There’s something about viewing a Zelda game from above. Shigeru Miyamoto has famously said that the N64’s Ocarina Of Time – which appeared seven long years after this, its home console predecessor, was released in 1991 – was how Zelda had always looked in his head. The implication was that Ocarina was the world of…

Retrospective: Resident Evil 4

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at 04:00pm April 19 2014

The phrase ‘a new kind of evil’ has been devalued over the years by marketing folk given little to work with. But not by Resident Evil 4. Not in its parish where clucking chickens scamper at the feet, cows lazily chew cud in their stalls, men tend the crops and women stoke a communal pyre…

Retrospective: Super Mario World

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at 11:23am April 19 2014
Super Mario World

It’s almost a matter of course, discussing a Nintendo great in a retrospective, to detail its innovations at length. If it was the first in beloved series on a new platform – and Super Mario World was just that – then so much the better, because Shigeru Miyamoto and his team are bound to have…

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