State of Play 2013: The return of virtual reality

at 04:30pm December 19 2013

The Oculus Rift booth treated GamesCom attendees to the strangest sight of the show this year. A dozen HD versions of the prototype headset were flown into Cologne to give visitors the chance to experience virtual reality. After enduring lengthy queues, testers sat back-to-back with controllers in their laps, headsets wired into pillars rising out…

E262: Dark Souls II – all hail the last great adventure of a generation

at 02:38pm December 19 2013
E262: Dark Souls II

With Xbox One and PS4 on shelves, we turn our attention back to what must now be called the previous generation. Despite all the hype the new console’s launch games have made barely a dent in the eight-page end-of-year awards feature in the new issue of Edge, which is available now in print, or in…

Samurai Gunn review

at 02:00pm December 19 2013

Samurai were never this fast, surely. Teknopants’ fourplayer singlescreen brawler licks along at a frightening pace, a combination of lightning-fast character movement and one-hit kills meaning its matches rarely last more than a minute. It’s deceptively simple. Each player picks a cluster of pixels whose colours are plucked straight from Street Fighter and the action…

Dark Souls’ producer says PC version was rushed, problems “were expected”

at 12:00pm December 19 2013

Dark Souls II producer Takeshi Miyazoe promises the company has learned from the mistakes made with the PC port of the first game – and that the sequel will run more smoothly. The original game was mired in problems on PC when it was released in August 2012 with an abysmal frame rate, locked resolution…

Press Play mixes childhood fears with soluble ink in Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood

at 11:52am December 19 2013

That a game about childhood should invoke memories of our own seems fitting. The setup – a boy kidnapped by evil forces at the wish of a frustrated older sibling – brings to mind Jim Henson’s 1986 movie Labyrinth. But while Press Play’s 360 and Xbox One game offers no modern-day take on David Bowie’s codpiece, it’s shaping up to pack in just as much adventure.

Space Hulk review

at 10:00am December 19 2013

Obtuse, clunky and cultish could be the manifesto of the Warhammer 40,000 universe’s Imperium Of Man. And the very same terms could be ascribed to this conversion of turn-based boardgame Space Hulk. It’s an Aliens pastiche: small squads of Games Workshop’s Space Marines attempt to complete objectives in a warren of tight corridors while harassed…

State of Play 2013: Embattled Nintendo endures a difficult year, despite critical acclaim

at 04:30pm December 18 2013

On the face of it, 2013 would appear to have been something of an annus horribilis for Nintendo – at least in terms of its home console business. Its forecast for 9 million Wii U sales for the fiscal year now looks hopelessly optimistic: with less than four months to go it has currently sold…

The Novelist review

at 03:30pm December 18 2013

The Kaplans are miserable. Dan, an author of modest repute, is struggling badly with his new novel. His wife Linda is a frustrated painter, and their marriage is on the rocks. To top it off, his son Timmy is being bullied and having a rough time in school. Hoping that a change of scenery will…

As consoles embrace indie games, the balance of power is shifting, say developers

at 02:30pm December 18 2013

Indie games have come further in 2013 than in any year before. Stand-out titles like Don’t Starve, Gone Home and Papers, Please did both their developers and the industry proud – but the real leap forward came from Sony’s front-and-centre commitment to indies at the PS4 launch and Microsoft’s more recent pledge of support through…

Peggle 2 review

at 12:00pm December 18 2013

This is Peggle all right: a stock of ten balls, a screen full of pegs to hit them with, and an immaculate physics model. While the initial reaction may be one of vague disappointment, it gives way to relief the minute you first fail a stage. In the years since PopCap’s riff on pachinko first…

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