Bugbear Entertainment on Next Car Game and the simple pleasure of messy driving

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at 02:30pm April 17 2014
Next Car Game

Admit it: whenever a new Colin McRae or TOCA release presented another nuanced handling model to master, the first thing you did after putting the disc in was to drive into a wall to test how far your car’s bodywork would bend. Inevitably, and disappointingly, it would only ever buckle as far as the indestructible box at the…

BitSummit brings together the good, the bad and the weird of Japan’s indie scene

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at 12:00pm April 17 2014

Now in its second year, BitSummit saw a major increase in size and attendance when it was held in Kyoto in March. Previously a one-day, business-only event, this year’s show was held over three days at the Miyako Messe convention centre, with over 100 developers, live music and presentations. The first of two public days…

Edge digital edition sale: 50 per cent off all back issues over Easter weekend

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at 10:03am April 17 2014

Missed an issue recently? Edge’s Easter sale is now on, offering 50 per cent off all digital back issues on iOS and Android. The sale will run until April 23 and includes every issue of our award-winning digital edition to date. Buy Edge on iOS (the iPad version features bespoke video content, interactive versions of…

Trials Fusion review

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at 03:00pm April 16 2014
Trials Fusion review

The Trials series isn’t really suited to sequels. DLC, sure, and perhaps the occasional reboot to freshen up those visuals, but RedLynx pulled off such a perfect landing with Trials HD back in 2009 that each attempt to better it is increasingly dangerous, and Fusion comes perilously close to losing its balance. Tampering with the…

Reality, but better: what Google’s first videogame reveals about its vision of the web’s future

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at 02:02pm April 16 2014

There’s a new entity spreading across the globe that’s connecting people while becoming ever more influential. Many believe that by harnessing its power, people can become smarter and more creative; others are sceptical, wary of sacrificing control and concerned about its darker implications. It is a polarising force – whose side are you on? This…

Get Into Games: BAFTA winner thanks ‘God’ Terry Cavanagh

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at 10:06am April 16 2014
Dare 2014

There are many routes into the game industry, but seldom will the path be easy. That’s a truism BAFTA One To Watch award winners DOS Studios can vouch for, and then some. Most of the team met up in their native Norway to create a game as a final year project in their Game Design…

Chaos Reborn is the sequel 30 years in the making

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at 03:44pm April 15 2014
Chaos Reborn

Julian Gollop made four Rebelstars, two X-COMs, a Ghost Recon and an Assassin’s Creed before considering a return to Chaos. Before Chaos’s most recent rebirth, it was a 1985 ZX Spectrum game, and before that it was a boardgame, but only a handful of British 30-somethings will recognise this as a sequel. For most, Chaos Reborn…

N++ and parting’s sweet sorrow

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at 11:50am April 15 2014

In 2008, I interviewed a game developer for the first time. N+ creators Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns didn’t ask about my age when I spoke to them, but I would have lied to them if they had. I was 16. Sheppard and Burns were brimming with energy and optimism back then. They’d become two…

How to launch a game in China

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at 10:07am April 15 2014
Auto Club Revolution

China is a huge, intimidating territory for your average studio, but Eutechnyx CEO Darren Jobling is a great believer in its potential. And he’s not the only one – figures from the Chinese government suggest that next year it will overtake the USA as the world’s largest consumer market, and a slew of western companies…

Still Playing: FTL – discovering new ways to die in Subset’s challenging space-captain sim

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at 04:00pm April 14 2014

The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would probably classify the spiky, metallic Lanius as the one creature in the galaxy you’d least want to meet, largely thanks to their tendency to suck all of the breathable oxygen out of any room they’re standing in. You’d be forgiven for wondering why you’d want one manning the…

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