E270: Infinite. Epic. Indie. The inside story of No Man’s Sky

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at 08:56am July 31 2014

Infinite. Epic. Indie. Three words that sum up No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ seemingly impossible endeavour and cover star of our new issue, out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. We spend some time at the studio for our definitive 12-page feature on the game which promises to deliver a never-ending universe to explore. We speak to the team…

A history of videogame hardware: Nintendo Super Famicom

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at 04:00pm June 17 2014
Super Famicom

Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi began planning a 16-bit successor to the Famicom in the mid-1980s. He placed Masayuki Uemura, designer of the original Famicom, in charge of the secretive project, his only request that the R&D team be poised to enter the ‘next generation’ market by 1990. However, Nintendo’s global dominance of the video game…

Yakuza: Ishin on PS4 is historical in both content and execution

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at 10:30am April 25 2014
Yakuza- Ishin

Yakuza Studio head Toshihiro Nagoshi warned us at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that Ryu Ga Gotoku: Ishin, the latest period drama spinoff from what western players know as the Yakuza series, would take little advantage of Sony’s new console because it was being made for PS3 as well. “PS4 is cheaper than hardware used…

Rhythm action: meet the Japanese developers who make music when they’re not making games

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at 10:50am April 23 2014
The Electric Bends

Dylan Cuthbert remembers his first visit to Sony, where an engineer told him she was practising tuba for a company brass band event. “I recall Shigeru Miyamoto has a yearly event with his cohorts at Nintendo, too,” says the Q-Games founder. “They all have to play a live piece of music; Miyamoto plays guitar and…

E266: can Microsoft turn things around for Xbox One?

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at 09:00am April 10 2014

This month’s Edge magazine is out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. In it, we talk to leaders at Microsoft to discover how the company intends to turn its console division around and put it back into the number one spot. Xbox One has been dragged out of the pit in which it was dumped in 2013, but a…

First impressions of Yakuza: Ishin, Sega’s sprawling drama of swords and betrayal

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at 03:08pm March 3 2014
Yakuza- Ishin

Historical heroes don’t come much bigger than Sakamoto Ryoma. Born in 1836 in Tosa (feudal-era Kochi Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku) to a merchant family that had bought its way to samurai status, he became a master swordsman, an unlikely politician and instrumental in ending a period of bitter feudal conflict in Japan. He…

Retrospective: Shenmue

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at 12:00pm March 1 2014

It’s telling that there are only two series which share that much in common with Shenmue: Yakuza, with its heady Japanese environments, kitsch mini-games and crowd combat, plus The Elder Scrolls’ immense interactive population, circadian routines and completely voiced dialogue. This pair of game series, and their respective yardsticks of production, have paddled in Shenmue’s…

PS4 launches in Japan – but with a lacklustre turnout at retail, do Japanese players care?

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at 12:58pm February 24 2014
PS4 Japan launch

Three months after its release in North America and Europe, PlayStation 4 is finally available in Japan. On Saturday February 22 it was greeted across the nation by the after-effects of the heaviest snowfall in decades; while stores in the major cities were unaffected, blocked roads in some parts of Japan meant that Amazon was…

Are Xbox One and PS4 being held back by concessions to old hardware?

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at 03:22pm November 27 2013
PS4 vs Xbox One

The next generation doesn’t start when Microsoft, Sony or any other platform holder says so. It starts with the players who decide which console to buy, cascades down to the developers who decide which platform to develop on, and hits its stride when everyone is finally brave enough to write off 360 and PS3 altogether.…

Tokyo Game Show, and why Japan isn’t ready for next-gen home consoles

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at 05:00pm October 30 2013

September’s Tokyo Game Show offered the first chance for Japanese players to get their hands on next-gen hardware as well as a larger selection of mobile and social games than has ever filled the Makuhari Messe before. It was a show packed with evidence of handheld gaming usurping home consoles in the region, and of…

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