Still Playing: Remember Me

at 12:30pm June 19 2014

A recent piece by Leigh Alexander on Gamasutra, addressing how female gaming protagonists are presented compared to more dominant male counterparts, used the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot to illustrate how these heroines are drawn in damaged dimensions in order for the player to relate to their cause. We see Lara go through hell, coming out…

Boss rush: squaring up to one of videogames’ longest-running traditions, the end-of-level battle

at 12:00pm June 18 2014

The golden dragon is to blame. Prior to the creation of Dnd, coded in the mid-’70s for the University Of Illinois’ pioneering PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations) system, it is generally agreed there was no such thing as the videogame boss. Developers certainly had little need for threshold guardians: games of the time…

Sony’s E3 2014 press conference: greater daring and diversity seal another confident PS4 victory

at 02:14pm June 10 2014

PlayStation continues to outstrip Xbox at every turn this generation. Sony’s showcase had more surprises, more impressive game demos and far greater diversity than Microsoft’s briefing. Sony also had a wider range of things to talk about: there was PlayStation TV, Vita, PS Plus, Project Morpheus and the same kind of services Microsoft once focused…

Rocksteady prepares for knightfall in Batman: Arkham Knight

at 12:00pm May 29 2014
Batman Arkham Knight 4

There’s something of Burnout in Arkham Knight’s vision of Gotham City. It’s there in the brittle roadside infrastructure, and in road widths that have been calibrated for a big car to turn on a dime. Of course, here that car can only be the Batmobile, which careens so assuredly through the city’s sodden streets that…

E267: Introducing Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac’s explosive arrival on Xbox One

at 12:20pm May 8 2014
Sunset Overdrive

The new issue of Edge magazine, starring Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, is out now in print and on iPad. Our cover game is borne out of wanting to make something that stands apart. It’s not an FPS, it isn’t swamped in browns and greys, and it has a weapon that launches vinyl records. We take an exclusive first…

Batman: Arkham Knight will surely tie up the trilogy with a flourish – so what’s next for Rocksteady?

at 04:42pm April 3 2014
Batman Arkham Knight

Rocksteady has done for Batman videogames what Christopher Nolan once did for the Dark Knight at the movies. Just as the British director’s rebooted film trilogy added critical kudos to Batman’s undoubted and enduring box office appeal, London studio Rocksteady’s Arkham adventures have, after years of disappointments, done DC’s property true justice in videogame form.…

The Making Of: Batman – the design, coding and branding of a modern arcade game

at 12:30pm March 6 2014
The Making Of Batman 2

Brian Silva is Specular Interactive’s creative director, but he’s also a dialogue director, researcher, level designer and the voice of Mr Freeze. Specular’s new Batman arcade racer is a blockbuster game with a blockbuster hook – ten different Batmobiles torn from Bat-history in an open-world arcade driving game – but it’s also a game that…

Sucker Punch on powering up Infamous: Second Son for a new generation

at 10:00am February 3 2014
Infamous second son

Petulant and cocky yet surprisingly likeable, Delsin Rowe is a much better fit for Infamous’s brand of empowered chaos than the forgettable Cole McGrath. But while Rowe, voiced and acted by Troy Baker, has more onscreen spark than his predecessor, he represents just one of the changes in what Sucker Punch promises is a comprehensive…

After Arkham, Black Flag and GTAV, is this the end of an open-world gaming golden age?

at 12:00pm December 2 2013

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag can easily see you through to the new year with its heaving open-world of missions and quests. You could put hours into Arkham Origins over the winter weeks, too, hunting for all the snowbound secrets and swooping down on rampaging thugs. Then there’s Grand Theft Auto V, with its generous…

Ryse: Son of Rome review

at 02:07pm November 21 2013

Ryse: Son Of Rome’s creators know history, but don’t really care about it. History is a disposable thing, valuable for setting the scene or establishing villains, but discarded in favour of fantasy the minute it gets in the way of telling a ripping yarn. Similarly, there’s evidence that Ryse’s development team knows about innovation in…

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