Retrospective: Manhunt

at 12:00pm June 21 2014

Manhunt arrived in a manner as sudden and brutal as any of the game’s own encounters. Minimal early noise and scant preview coverage saw it slip from the shadows and lead an impact on players that felt largely unspoiled, in a manner that feels rare among the modern gaming scene’s increasingly industrious PR machine and…

Hack ‘N’ Slash is the Double Fine adventure that deconstructs and rewires the genre

at 02:14pm June 20 2014

The title may be Hack ’N’ Slash, but it’s clear from the opening moments of Double Fine’s inventive action-adventure that you won’t be doing much of the latter. Alice, a young elf, immediately breaks her sword on the bars of her cell, revealing a USB connector beneath the blade. Plug it into the door’s slot…

Murdered: Soul Suspect review

at 03:51pm June 3 2014

We’re an alley cat, and we’re stuck in an alley. More specifically, we’re the ghost of a police detective possessing the body of a cat, but that doesn’t make the head-height fences barring our progress any less baffling. Our feline ride is only in this area to let us climb two scaffolding towers for collectibles,…

Xbox One and the endless, hopeless dream of convergence

at 01:15pm May 30 2014

The history of videogames is also the history of televisions. Not the shows, the stars, or the ready meals, but the equipment – the box in your living room.  This connection is the most intimate yet unexamined one in our medium. The ‘video’ in ‘videogames’ isn’t just an affectation or a distinction: it refers to…

Time Extend: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

at 12:40pm April 25 2014
Time Extend Modern Warfare

The year is 2007, and World War II is over at last. Developers have finally run out of ways to retell the same old story and Infinity Ward has already got as close to replicating Saving Private Ryan’s Omaha Beach scene as videogames feel likely to get. WWII ran for six long years and so…

Rhythm action: meet the Japanese developers who make music when they’re not making games

at 10:50am April 23 2014
The Electric Bends

Dylan Cuthbert remembers his first visit to Sony, where an engineer told him she was practising tuba for a company brass band event. “I recall Shigeru Miyamoto has a yearly event with his cohorts at Nintendo, too,” says the Q-Games founder. “They all have to play a live piece of music; Miyamoto plays guitar and…

Retrospective: Super Mario 64

at 10:30am April 21 2014

To get one of the ‘secret’ castle stars in Super Mario 64, you need to catch a yellow rabbit. It’s there, unexpectedly, when Mario unlocks a door in the basement of Peach’s castle, hopping to and fro. There’s no indication of its purpose, or that you’ll be rewarded for capturing it; no precedent for Mario…

Retrospective: Shenmue

at 12:00pm March 1 2014

It’s telling that there are only two series which share that much in common with Shenmue: Yakuza, with its heady Japanese environments, kitsch mini-games and crowd combat, plus The Elder Scrolls’ immense interactive population, circadian routines and completely voiced dialogue. This pair of game series, and their respective yardsticks of production, have paddled in Shenmue’s…

Tim Schafer on puzzles, poop jokes and returning to point-and-click with Broken Age

at 02:00pm February 27 2014
Tim Schafer

Tim Schafer is the CEO of Double Fine, having made his name in the ’90s with his involvement in the first two Monkey Islands, Day Of The Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. The past few years have seen him experiment with new forms in Psychonauts, Brütal Legend and Stacking, though, so we ask him…

Xbox One and Kinect: saving lives or just a bit creepy?

at 04:00pm November 26 2013
Kinect 1

Someone telling you they can feel your heartbeat is a sweet, intimate act. Most of all when you’re with your lover; slightly less sweet when it’s your doctor, and not all that sweet really when it’s a bearded man screaming it through your letterbox in the night. With the release of the Xbox One, there’s…

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