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    Still Playing: Diablo III Reaper of Souls – Blizzard’s revitalised action RPG is deeper than ever

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    at 12:00pm April 10 2014

    How deep does this go? That’s the question I keep asking myself as I sink another few hours into Diablo III. I’ve been pretty much everywhere several times. I’ve got all the abilities. I’ve nearly hit the new level cap, 70. Surely that’s where things settle out, and the novelty of epic demonic slaughter dribbles…

    Still Playing: Diablo III – why ditching the Auction House has revitalised Blizzard’s action RPG

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    at 10:49am March 10 2014
    Diablo III

    Do you remember when people used to excitedly compare eBay to a game? The way you’d strategise your bids, nipping in at the very last moment to snatch a win. How you’d dither over a low starting price, always fearful of an undervalued final price but anxious to attract attention. You’d even get a score…

    Finding beauty in GTAV’s ugly world through the art of the selfie

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    at 10:00am September 30 2013
    GTAV selfies

    How Rockstar’s in-game camera gives us chance to admire the scale and detail of Los Santos.

    Valve’s Steam Controller has the potential to change games in the living room

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    at 12:00pm September 28 2013
    Steam Controller

    Our thoughts on the Steam Controller, which is arguably the most important part of the ‘Steam in the living room’ concept,

    Steam Machines will be powerful, upgradable and open – the potential is remarkable

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    at 09:53am September 26 2013

    Our look at the second of this week’s trio of announcements from Valve.

    SteamOS and what’s next for Valve in the living room

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    at 12:00pm September 24 2013

    Our look at what SteamOS means for games, and what we expect Valve to do next.

    The slow, sad death of 3D games: a tribute

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    at 12:00pm September 6 2013

    Following Nintendo’s unveiling of 2DS, Alex Wiltshire laments the gradual demise of videogames’ third dimension.

    EA impresses at Gamescom, despite too many buzzwords and too few genuinely new games

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    at 09:24pm August 20 2013

    Our review of EA’s Gamescom conference shows a major publisher with a strong line-up, but a lack of creative flair.

    Still Playing: Spelunky’s Daily Challenge

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    at 11:45am August 16 2013
    If you're looking for a long-term relationship, Spelunky has a lot to offer.

    Alex Wiltshire on the new way to play Mossmouth’s randomly-generated platformer.

    The Knightmare of 90s revivalism

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    at 03:40pm August 6 2013

    TV and game remakes aren’t the best way to celebrate a bygone age, says Alex Wiltshire.

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