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    You’re Playing It Wrong: common fixes to early-adopter teething troubles

    at 12:30pm March 28 2014
    You're playing it wrong

    Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have both hit the marketplace with a bang – in rare cases literally, since .01 per cent of units sold have reportedly exploded for no clear reason upon being powered on for the first time, spraying deadly shrapnel through the dens of innocent gamers. We still don’t know whether this…

    You’re Playing It Wrong: weighing up PS4 and Xbox One owners’ predilections in porn

    at 04:20pm March 3 2014

    The startling data on the porn rental habits of gamers immediately raises one burning question: who still rents porn now that they’re just giving it away? Online shopping addicts? Credit card thieves? Confused elderly people on the verge of a life-threatening shock? You might as well rent snow in Siberia. Well, now we can add…

    You’re Playing It Wrong: The Simpsons Tapped Out becomes a gateway to a far darker addiction

    at 12:00pm February 3 2014

    The beginning was so innocent. Idly browsing free iOS games, I stumbled across The Simpsons: Tapped Out. I’m not what you would call the prototypical hardcore gamer, but after steadily gaming since a NES landed under my Christmas tree in 1988, I’m far from casual, so the hysteria for social games where you click on…

    You’re Playing It Wrong: a cold, hard look at the so-called Humble Bundle

    at 02:00pm January 9 2014

    Something as roundly admirable as the Humble Bundle is hard to make fun of. One of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the online gaming marketplace, it delivers well-curated collections of new titles and underexposed gems, DRM-free and for multiple platforms. Users set their own mercilessly exploitative prices, with a…

    You’re Playing It Wrong: While eSports’ athletic ties are laughable, the injuries professional players have sustained are anything but

    at 12:00pm December 10 2013
    Brian Howe

    At first the competitive gaming landscape was a small and desolate place, sparsely populated by furtive men with facial expressions that screamed ‘severe sleep apnoea’. But as gaming grew into the mainstream, so did gaming contests. Over time, breadcrumb trails of triple initials and the secluded acclaim of Twin Galaxies leaderboards gave way to global…

    You’re Playing It Wrong: the Console Wars, a condensed history

    at 10:00am November 11 2013

    At this late juncture, no one can remember exactly how and why the Console Wars first began, and perhaps only their constant flogging in the media makes it seem like they’ve been a part a human affairs since the dawn of time.

    You’re Playing It Wrong: misunderstood genius Trent Trout quits the industry

    at 12:00pm October 11 2013
    Trent Trout

    The gaming community was shocked when the controversially outspoken yet undeniably talented indie designer Trent Trout publicly rage-quit the industry. Trout’s long and self-destructive struggle to complete the puzzler/platformer Fedora was already the stuff of legend. But he joined the notorious ranks of creative hothouse flowers when he got so upset over an insult from…

    You’re Playing It Wrong: the debut column, from Edge issue one

    at 10:32am September 17 2013
    You're Playing It Wrong

    A look back at the first ever You’re Playing It Wrong column, published in Edge issue one, 1993.

    You’re Playing It Wrong: exploding the happy gaming family myth

    at 07:00pm August 12 2013

    Brian Howe on the Galoresby family’s tragic experience, told here for the first time.

    You’re Playing It Wrong: Yoshida’s makeover and Sony’s new indie submissions process

    at 12:58pm July 17 2013

    This month’s column imagines how Sony might be seducing the indie game development community.

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