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    When studios regularly start hiring stars we’ll see the real cost of blockbuster game development

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    at 12:00pm March 25 2014

    As we march forward into a new console generation, one thing we can expect to see more of are highly polished, story-driven games. These games will feature impressively rendered characters with many more layers of even higher fidelity motion-capture animations, brought to life through the voice work of extremely talented professional actors. These stories and…

    Six spare bullets: the small but vital intricacies of game design

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    at 01:00pm February 19 2014
    Clint Hocking

    Eighty kills ago, our determined hero did what we have all done at one time: he abandoned his hi-tech battle rifle in favour of the simple AK-47 used by the nefarious insurgents he is fighting. Now, almost fully loaded with ammunition, he walks over an enemy weapon on the ground. What happens? Our hero is…

    Create, share, play: the new era of expressive games

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    at 12:00pm January 27 2014
    Minecraft 360

    Back in 2006, the Far Cry 2 team went to Paris to present the game concept to Ubisoft management for approval. One of the biggest hurdles we needed to overcome was to prove that we could deliver the ambitious goals of the project under the time and budget constraints we were given. We were pitching…

    Games about people: an area of interactive design still laughably unexplored

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    at 12:00pm January 3 2014

    Back in November, I lamented the fact that, aside from The Sims, there are no games about people. Since then, I’ve received a number of emails from players and developers pointing out that I was wrong. While the primary point I was trying to make was that we have effectively left games about people by…

    Games can be beneficial or harmful, but literacy always wins

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    at 03:35pm December 4 2013
    GTA V review 3

    Recently, industry icon Warren Spector wrote a piece for GamesIndustry International about media effects. In it, he looked at the current state of the never-ending debate about whether games cause violent behaviour, and, more generally, whether games have measurable adverse effects on players. Over the course of decades, this debate has taken many forms. Countless…

    In The Click Of It: games about people

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    at 02:00pm November 7 2013

    Sometimes I wonder why there are not more games about people. The first racing game I ever remember playing was Turbo (Sega, 1981). There had been racing games before it, but to my knowledge Turbo was the first game to use a simulated vanishing point and scaling sprites to give the impression of a three-dimensional…

    In The Click Of It: the last generation

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    at 02:00pm October 4 2013
    PS4 vs Xbox One

    Confession time: I am not that interested in the upcoming console war. The reason is that, when I look at what the proposed consoles are offering, I don’t see anything important to me that I cannot have already on a current-generation console. Sure, I can have better graphics, but the graphics on current-generation consoles are…

    In The Click Of It: time invested

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    at 03:00pm September 9 2013
    Clint Hocking time invested

    Continuing the 20th anniversary theme, Valve’s Clint Hocking looks back at the last two decades of playing games – and beyond.

    In The Click Of It: games that mean nothing

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    at 05:05pm August 9 2013
    In the click of it

    This month, our columnist explains why blockbuster franchises simply are not the place for meaningful themes.

    In The Click Of It: three filters for choosing games

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    at 11:21am July 22 2013
    In the click of it

    Our columnist considers why he seems to spend more time looking for games to play than actually playing games, and offers a solution.

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