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Synthesist: A person who did nothing but make cross-references between one field and another. Twitter Google

Still Playing: PlanetSide 2 – the unheralded online shooter that could take on Titanfall and Destiny

at 12:35pm March 11 2014
Engineers can deploy anti-armour and anti-infantry mobile turrets as well as repair damaged vehicles for the good of their team.

Your Battlefield is deserted. Your Destiny is uncertain. Those who answer your Call of Duty lack fervour. As you peek over the parapet of a PlanetSide 2 bunker to see an actual army advancing towards you, a hundred scurrying infantry flanking ponderous tanks and troop carriers, gunships and distant bombers weaving between AA fire, before…

In want of good fortune: Ever, Jane is the Kickstarter-funded MMO based on the novels of Jane Austen

at 04:00pm December 16 2013

Whether it’s Cyrano de Bergerac predicting solar-­powered spaceships or HG Wells positing biological warfare and military drones, it’s disturbing when you realise your favourite science fiction predicted the future. Yet who’d have thought that British sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf’s prediction of Jane Austen World would one day come true? Ever, Jane has just scraped through…

Delving Deep: Desktop Dungeons, the quickfire roguelike puzzler four years in the making

at 12:00pm November 26 2013
Desktop Dungeons Cover

Indie changes concepts around. In indie terms, a big team isn’t 400 people – it’s four. A big budget isn’t $265,000,000 – it’s $26,500 (though having a budget at all is unduly specific). And having been working on a game for four years is the equivalent of development hell, as Capetown-based QCF Design found out…

The Porcine Peril of Full Bore, Whole Hog’s piggy mining delight

at 11:12am November 22 2013

Despite the endless innovation of the indie space, even indie designers find it hard to escape every aspect of societal norms – which is why, we guess, that most of our protagonists are generically male, white and human. Sword & Sworcery, The Walking Dead and Okami have individually addressed them – but very few address…

Ninja Theory’s Antoniades: Xbox One is “completely the wrong direction”, mobile is the future

at 10:44am November 21 2013

UPDATE: Ninja Theory has given us the below statement to clarify Tameem Antionades’ comments in Helsinki last week: “Although we’re very excited by mobile opportunities, and the release of our first mobile title Fightback, we are not transitioning to a mobile only studio. We are currently developing for both mobile and console platforms and intend to…

Crusader Kings II: wilful obscurantism as a design ethos

at 01:14pm November 20 2013

There’s a scene in Groundhog Day where Phil Connors endlessly attempts to save the life of a homeless old duffer. In my game of Crusader Kings II, Isaac of the Khazars has a similarly deterministic fate. No matter what I do, this middle-aged prince marries, fails to produce offspring, fails to expand his holdings, gets…

Embrace The Bounce

at 04:00pm November 19 2013
The Thing

It’s 2002. The Thing, the game of one of my favourite films, is about to come out and I’ve’ve just started working on a games magazine. I get the game code, load it and enter the world. It’s great! I’m in The Thing! I’m standing outside that base! Kurt Russell and Keith David must be…

Sylvain Trottier, associate producer on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, on next-gen development and the “grandma test”

at 12:00pm November 19 2013
Assassin’s Creed IV- Black Flag 3

Sylvain Trottier, associate producer on Assassin’s Creed IV, is keen to make the differences between generations obvious – so much so that your grandma can tell the difference. In the new issue of Edge magazine, on sale November 21, we quiz him on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, on next-gen development and on much, much more.…

Football Manager’s Miles Jacobson on what to do when you find ten million illegal players

at 04:33pm November 18 2013
Miles Jacobson

At the London Games Conference last week, Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson revealed that over 10.1m people had illegally downloaded Football Manager 2012. A ‘flaw’ in the code for a cracked version of Football Manager 2013 had allowed the studio to track the IP addresses of anyone playing the game. We caught up with Miles to…

Sense of Adventure: Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games and The Shivah

at 04:38pm November 15 2013

Real-world religions are oddly absent from games. Whether it’s through fear or complacency, the mainstream part of our industry careful sidesteps controversy. If religion enters at all, it’s used as in God of War or El Shaddai, as a theme to be mined. Similarly, the liberal bent of most indies means that religion isn’t a…

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