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    Still Playing: Space Engine

    at 03:09pm December 3 2012

    Space Engine, you don’t know how beautiful you are. You cannot because, unlike most games, you’re not some cleverly unspooled showreel of art. You’re science, an infinite series of outcomes in which beauty is just an accident. But what an accident it can be.

    The Art Of: Just Cause 2

    at 03:26pm November 27 2012
    Though far enough apart to offer an important sense of travel, Just Cause 2’s ecosystems are also close enough for some gorgeous transitions of earth and sky, both taken in the stride of the studio’s renderer, Avalanche Engine 2.0

    Postcard-perfect ground-to-air-and-back-again action staged across three climates, 32 square kilometres and 24 hours of simulated day and night: Just Cause 2 is a blockbuster all right. Art director Stefan Ljungqvist recalls some of the highs and lows of creating it, such as finessing grenade-flung bodies.

    Still Playing: F-Zero GX

    at 01:08pm October 26 2012
    F-Zero GX

    Playing F-Zero GX so soon after the demise of SCE Studio Liverpool feels like finding a new lover before the bed is even cold. F-Zero isn’t a ‘new’ lover at all, of course, but actually one of my first. It was in Hong Kong’s Golden Market (think Akihabara crossed with The Raid) that its rising jet engines soared above thousands of inane, squabbling gadgets, not to mention Neo-Geos, and ended up sneaking through UK customs in a suitcase. It was the audio, more than even the Mode 7 pseudo-3D, that really put the super in Super Famicom.

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