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    E274: Star Citizen – Can Chris Roberts’ colossal return to games win the space race?

    at 11:44am November 20 2014
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    Our latest issue features Star Citizen on the cover, in two variants, and is available now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. It completes a trio of space-themed covers, following our exclusive Elite: Dangerous and No Man’s Sky features. In the piece we edge the game’s first batch of craft out of the hangar and speak to Chris Roberts and…

    E273: Rime – Inside PS4′s first great adventure

    at 09:35am October 24 2014
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    Our latest issue, which is out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio, features Tequila Works’ captivating open world adventure Rime on the cover. We head to Spain to visit the small Spanish studio behind the game, meet its creators and hear about their ambitions to give players more freedom than they might be used to. Our other previews this…

    TIGA announces 2014 Games Industry Awards finalists, opens public voting for Game of the Year

    at 11:10am October 16 2014

    Public voting for the TIGA & Edge Game of the Year award is now open, and you can cast your vote here. The winner will be announced at the 2014 TIGA Awards, which takes place on November 6 at OXO2 on London’s Southbank. The deadline for submitting your vote is Tuesday October 20. If you’d…

    Region Specific: Berlin – index

    at 11:30am October 15 2014

    In E267, we visited Hamburg to check in on its thriving, online-game-focused development scene. Germany’s other development hub, Berlin, has had similar success in the browser and F2P markets, but many of the city’s studios have recently turned their attentions to mobile games and are proving every bit as successful there, too. The scene is…

    Region Specific: Berlin – overview

    at 11:29am October 15 2014

    Berlin is a city defined by unification. This year it celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a barrier that separated East from West Berlin for nearly 30 years, and in the time since the city has become an international hub for European trade, finance and politics. The videogame industry here,…

    Region Specific: Berlin – roundtable

    at 11:28am October 15 2014

    The most striking aspect of the offices of Berlin Partner For Business And Technology, the location for today’s roundtable discussion, are the elevators that move between the floors in the building’s large glass atrium. Constructed of brushed steel and wood, with a hint of simplified Art Deco to their shape and design, they suggest that…

    Region Specific: Berlin – Bigpoint

    at 11:27am October 15 2014

    Bigpoint had a turbulent 2012. The company axed 120 jobs and saw its CEO step down as its success stuttered. Today, however, the studio behind Battlestar Galactica Online, Drakensang Online and DarkOrbit Reloaded is practically unrecognisable. New attitudes to development, players and, perhaps most importantly, staff have reversed that decline and put the company in a…

    Region Specific: Berlin – Yager

    at 11:23am October 15 2014

    Spec Ops: The Line, Yager’s powerful exploration of wartime morality, cleverly subverted genre conventions to carve out its own space. The studio itself is no stranger to standing apart, either, since it’s one of the few remaining traditional development studios in Berlin – there’s not even a whisper of mobile or browser games during our visit.…

    Region Specific: Berlin – Wooga

    at 11:21am October 15 2014

    Wooga wants its staff to fail. That is, the rapidly expanding mobile game studio isn’t afraid to take risks and get things wrong along the way. Its recently instated Hit Filter process ensures that while there are many games in production at any one time, only the best make it to market. But, thanks to so-called…

    Region Specific: Berlin – King

    at 11:20am October 15 2014

    King’s Berlin studio held its opening party just a few days before our visit, as evidenced by the balloons that still decorate its work spaces. Not that they feel particularly out of place: the office’s most striking feature is the slide that wraps around its spiral staircase. After a couple of tests of that feature…

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