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    Spelunky: best on Vita?

    at 01:29pm August 30 2013

    We put handheld Spelunky through its paces, both indoors and out.

    What would Darwin make of The Last Of Us?

    at 12:15pm July 3 2013
    The Last Of Us lead

    The fall of civilisation is a perfect time to examine humankind as just another species trying to adapt and survive.

    Doctorow Mario: a conversation about videogames

    at 01:05pm June 28 2013

    Award-winning sci-fi author Cory Doctorow sounds off on a wide range of topics related to videogames and how they illuminate technology and culture.

    Sexism sells? The Last Of Us begs to differ

    at 05:30pm June 25 2013
    Why The Last Of Us defies the idea that sexism sells

    Naughty Dog’s treatment of female characters and subversion of the male power fantasy offers reasons to hope for the future of videogame narrative.

    Junk food for thought – why Microsoft’s Dew and Doritos deal is an insult to our industry

    at 01:06pm June 14 2013

    Microsoft’s partnership with snack food brands takes a bite out of our artform’s quest to secure the wider public’s respect.

    PS4: the hardware, the controller, the network

    at 02:29am February 21 2013
    Dualshock 4-4

    Everything you need to know about the PlayStation 4′s hardware capabilities and new controller.

    Evolution Studios reveals DriveClub on PS4

    at 12:37am February 21 2013
    photo (1)

    UK-based Evolution Studios, creator of the MotorStorm series has announced DriveClub, a new squad-based racing title being developed for the PlayStation 4.

    The Edge ExPlay Panel: Journey – how jumping can be emotional

    at 04:22pm November 5 2012

Did you cry at any point while playing Journey? If so, you’re not alone. Upon the game’s release, I noticed several testimonials cross my Twitter feed of people who claimed to be moved to tears by Thatgamecompany’s latest project. But why? The game has gorgeous stylised artwork. Then again, so did Wind Waker. And as sublimely fun as Nintendo’s cel-shaded Zelda may be, it doesn’t put a lump in your throat.

    Still Playing: Drop7

    at 03:49pm October 19 2012

    Seven is the perfect number. I recall hearing my mother suggest this numerous times over the course of my childhood. The Bible tells her so. Something about end-times prophecy: six is the ‘number of man’ – frequently referred to as the mark of the beast – and seven is the ‘number of eternity’, the perfect number. I don’t know about all that, but I strongly suspect she’s right about the number seven. If only because Drop7 is one of the few perfect games I’ve ever encountered.

    Veteran developers launch Kickstarter for ‘Old School RPG’, but what does that mean anyway?

    at 03:36pm October 9 2012
    Old School RPG

    The fact that game industry veterans Brenda Brathwaite (Wizardry, D&D) and Tom Hall (Doom, Anachronox) have set out to fund development of an old-school RPG through Kickstarter should surprise exactly nobody. Their company is called Loot Drop, after all, and they have an abiding passion for the genre.

    “We both love making old-school RPGs and playing them,” says Brathwaite. “For us this was the super heyday of making games.”

    In the promotional video on the Kickstarter page, they demur on the question of what precisely they see as the fundamental ideological differences between contemporary RPGs such as Skyrim, Torchlight II, Dark Souls and nostalgic forebears such as Richard Garriott’s Ultima series. “Today’s RPGs are epic, they’re wonderful,” says Brathwaite. “But somehow they’re also a little less… old-school RPG-ish.”

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