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    Eugene Jarvis on the making of Robotron: 2084 and why sometimes bugs add to your game

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    at 10:12pm March 22 2014
    Eugene Jarvis

    Robotron: 2084 creator Eugene Jarvis argued that his thirty year-old arcade shooter could still teach modern game designers a thing or two during a postmortem of the game at GDC 2014. He said that while today’s developers might marvel at the developer of Candy Crush Saga taking in a billion dollars, Jarvis said he’d “hit…

    Legendary studio LucasFilm Games’ brief: ‘stay small, be the best and don’t lose any money’

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    at 10:00am March 21 2014
    LucasFilm Games

    GDC 2014’s LucasFilm Games postmortem had the air of a legendary rock group reforming as key creatives who worked at the studio between 1982 and 1990 assembled to assess their achievements. To start, designer and programmer Noah Falstein revealed that the studio got two or three hours with George Lucas every year, Monkey Island designer…

    The making of Shenmue: Yu Suzuki on the cult classic’s genesis, development – and its future

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    at 11:02pm March 20 2014

    Surprising precisely no-one, the first audience question asked at Yu Suzuki’s captivating and revealing Shenmue postmortem was about Shenmue III. Suzuki held the same line he’s held since the request was first made: “I sure want to make it. Of course I want to make it. If I get the right opportunity…” Suzuki isn’t working…

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s developers on series fatigue and the importance of diversity

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    at 03:50pm March 20 2014

    Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi and Aya Kyugoku argued that Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s diverse team led to the game’s huge audience, during their GDC 2014 keynote. With 7.38 million copies sold to date, the game was so popular in Japan that Eguchi revealed that it was a struggle for his own daughter to find a copy,…

    Bravery, shame and other feelings: GDC 2014′s Indie Soapbox

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    at 09:30am March 20 2014
    GDC 2014

    Spelltower creator and Ridiculous Fishing collaborator Zach Gage said it best as he opened this GDC session’s string of miniature rants from well-known developers: “This has been a very intense year for the indie scene.” Now a fixture on the GDC schedule, this year’s Indie Soapbox offered paeans to bravery, tips on how to avoid…

    BioShock Infinite’s AI lead on Elizabeth’s difficult and frustrating birth

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    at 05:03pm March 19 2014

    In his talk at GDC 2014, Irrational Games’ John Abercrombie outlined the challenge of bringing Elizabeth to life during BioShock Infinite’s development, urging his contemporaries to retain a focus on player experience at all costs. Speaking as part of the summit’s AI track, Abercrombie described how the Irrational team saw Elizabeth, the player’s companion throughout…

    Why Vlambeer is turning Nuclear Throne’s development into a performance

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    at 12:00pm March 18 2014

    Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman praised the community that has gathered around the development of their Steam Early Access success Nuclear Throne at GDC 2014 on Monday, revealing that they’ve had over five million views on the channel that broadcasts the team’s development process. In particular, they thanked the members of the community…

    GDC 2013: Media Molecule on the origins of Tearaway’s papercraft world

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    at 05:58pm March 30 2013

    How mud, fingers and thumbs led to the creation of Media Molecule’s ‘paper engine’.

    GDC 2013: Crispy’s failed pitches and why SCEA didn’t want to publish Tokyo Jungle

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    at 01:05am March 30 2013

    Japanese studio Crispy’s on its many failed pitches and how difficult it was to get Tokyo Jungle published in the west.

    GDC 2013: Jenova Chen reveals how loneliness and World Of Warcraft inspired Journey

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    at 03:02am March 29 2013
    Jenova Chen praises David Cage

    Thatgamecompany figurehead reveals the story behind his concept for the PSN title.

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