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    An Audience With: Andrew House

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    at 10:00am June 9 2014

    Andrew House joined Sony in 1990, and became part of the PlayStation division at the very beginning in 1995. After nearly a quarter of a century at the company, he has risen to president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, and recently helped to bring about the remarkable transformation of the PlayStation business that…

    Xbox One is languishing behind PS4 – what can Microsoft do to put the Xbox brand back on top?

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    at 12:49pm May 7 2014

    The party, if there was one at all, was shortlived. News that UK sales of Xbox One had surged 96 per cent in the week of Titanfall’s release, with seven out of every ten consoles sold alongside Respawn’s multiplayer shooter, should have set champagne corks popping in Microsoft’s Redmond HQ. Any suggestion that this was…

    Trust and the online lynch mob: a plea for greater understanding between players and publishers

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    at 12:00pm April 30 2014
    big picture mode

    On the third day of every month, the same tweet appears in the @edgeonline mentions feed. It’s part of a fan campaign calling on Sega to give Yu Suzuki the Shenmue licence so he can complete the trilogy. Relying on a four-year-old Famitsu story in which a Sega rep said a new Shenmue could only happen if a…

    Time Extend: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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    at 12:40pm April 25 2014
    Time Extend Modern Warfare

    The year is 2007, and World War II is over at last. Developers have finally run out of ways to retell the same old story and Infinity Ward has already got as close to replicating Saving Private Ryan’s Omaha Beach scene as videogames feel likely to get. WWII ran for six long years and so…

    Still Playing: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition – or more accurately, last year’s Lara remastered

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    at 10:00am January 31 2014
    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

    Definitive’s a horrible word. It’s a blustery, ugly claim, I think, with a certain arrogance to it that proclaims some impossible, absolute authority. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it used in a game’s title, and I like it even less in this context: it’s a tacit admission that the original release of…

    PlayStation 4′s front end: the good, the bad and the broken

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    at 04:35pm November 28 2013
    PS4 UI official

    For the first few days, things were a bit too quiet on PlayStation 4. It’s only since the EU servers were switched on late last week that the front end of Sony’s system has come to life for us – and what we’ve seen since has been mixed. There’s an awful lot to like about…

    E3 2013: Killer Instinct – hands on with Xbox One’s free-to-play reboot

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    at 05:46pm June 11 2013
    Killer Instinct

    Our first impressions of Double Helix’s 2D fighter comeback.

    Grand Theft Auto V release date revealed

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    at 03:16pm January 31 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V release date

    Grand Theft Auto V will be released worldwide on September 17, publisher Take-Two has announced. The date constitutes a significant delay for the hotly anticipated Xbox 360 and PS3 title, which was previously expected to launch this spring.

    Still Playing: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

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    at 01:18pm January 21 2013

    My PS3 Skyrim save file has over 90 hours on the clock. For 90 hours I put up with the dismal performance of this sprawling fantasy epic on Sony’s console. There was an enforced three-week break spent waiting for a patch that would fix a bug related to save file size that forced framerates to dip into single figures. Not that they spent much time out of single figures anyway: PS3 Skyrim is wretched, a stuttery, glitchy, barely functional mess. And it’s one of my favourite games of all time.

    Inside Bungie: how the Halo developer is gearing up for Destiny

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    at 12:40pm January 17 2013
    Bungie Studio Profile

    Issue 250 of Edge, on sale today, features an exclusive profile of Bungie, the studio which cemented its place in videogame legend with the 50 million-selling Halo series and which is now working on its first project for Activision, codenamed Destiny.

    The game has been shrouded in secrecy ever since Bungie signed a ten-year deal with Activision in 2010 – until last November, that is. Art assets which had been handed to an advertising agency ended up in the hands of gaming websites; Bungie, to its credit, took ownership of the leak, giving fans a first official look at some of the game’s concept art in a post on its website. Speaking to us as part of a four-page profile, writer and design director Joseph Staten recalls the day of the leak.

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