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E3 2014′s Horizon Conference: an oasis of serene beauty amid the hyperbole

at 02:24pm June 13 2014
night in the woods

Last year, Horizon announced itself to the industry with an assortment of fresh forthcoming indie projects and the news that Polytron was, back in the summer of 2013, working on Fez 2. This year the event, helmed by IGF chairman and Venus Patrol founder Brandon Boyer, didn’t really have a headline-grabbing hook like Fez 2,…

Nintendo’s E3 2014: a line-up unlikely to ‘save’ Wii U, but who cares when it’s this much fun?

at 06:08pm June 11 2014
nintendo e3

And now for something completely different. It doesn’t matter whether you believe Nintendo’s determination to do things its own way is its greatest asset or its greatest flaw, few will have watched Nintendo’s version of an E3 press conference without cracking a smile. The tone was set from the very beginning with an extraordinary, GIF-friendly…

Sony’s E3 2014 press conference: greater daring and diversity seal another confident PS4 victory

at 02:14pm June 10 2014

PlayStation continues to outstrip Xbox at every turn this generation. Sony’s showcase had more surprises, more impressive game demos and far greater diversity than Microsoft’s briefing. Sony also had a wider range of things to talk about: there was PlayStation TV, Vita, PS Plus, Project Morpheus and the same kind of services Microsoft once focused…

Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference: a solid but uninspiring start for Phil Spencer’s ‘new Xbox’

at 01:47am June 10 2014
Phil Spencer

And with that, Xbox One is an Xbox again. To the relief of the millions watching around the world earlier today, Xbox One wasn’t referred to as an ‘all-in-one entertainment system’ at all during Microsoft’s E3 2014 media briefing; instead, we were presented with a string of new games intended to recapture some of the…

Epic ‘placing its bets’ on releasing games for free as work begins on the next Unreal Tournament

at 11:32am May 14 2014
Unreal Tournament

Releasing games for free is more attractive than the old “build, ship and pray model”, Unreal Tournament’s project lead Steve Polge has told us. Epic began ‘open’ development on the next Unreal Tournament game last week, inviting fans and UE4 developers to actively participate in the creation of the new competitive shooter. When complete, the…

Local multiplayer is back – and it’s indies leading the charge

at 01:29pm May 13 2014
Nidhogg review

Online play has consumed multiplayer gaming so completely that it has changed the videogame lexicon. We must now describe playing videogames together in the same room as ‘local’ multiplayer; that qualifier implies that traditional social play has become secondary, somehow, and yet it has been fundamental to the medium’s birth and popularisation. It’s a vital…

Why Climax’s Sam Barlow is going independent to develop crime fiction title Her Story

at 03:49pm May 6 2014
Sam Barlow

Climax game director and writer Sam Barlow has left the UK studio to go indie, with work already under way on his solo debut, a crime fiction game called Her Story. PC, iOS and Android are the target platforms initially, with others to follow, potentially. Best known for writing and overseeing the development of Silent…

Jelly Splash developer Wooga’s design philosophy might be manipulative, but at least it’s honest

at 03:49pm April 25 2014
Jelly Splash

Wooga’s provocative ‘Three ways to make players love and hate you’ talk at yesterday’s F2P Summit was the standout session of the day, and not just because it was filled with expletives. What exactly has propelled Jelly Splash, a colourful Candy Crush Saga-style game to the top of the US, UK and German charts ahead…

Three new Epic games incoming as Unreal Engine 4 looks to define a new generation

at 10:00am April 24 2014

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has countered the suggestion that Epic is moving away from game development by confirming the existence of three new games in the works at the developer. A high-end next generation title will look to showcase Unreal Engine 4’s power and fidelity alongside a mobile game and the previously-announced ‘co-op sandbox…

Reality, but better: what Google’s first videogame reveals about its vision of the web’s future

at 02:02pm April 16 2014

There’s a new entity spreading across the globe that’s connecting people while becoming ever more influential. Many believe that by harnessing its power, people can become smarter and more creative; others are sceptical, wary of sacrificing control and concerned about its darker implications. It is a polarising force – whose side are you on? This…

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