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Sony’s Anton Mikhailov on Project Morpheus’ launch price and potential as a platform

at 10:30am April 9 2014
Project Morpehus

Final Project Morpheus hardware will be affordable at launch and offer smaller developers the chance to “hit it really big” with the right software, says Sony’s Anton Mikhailov. Speaking in the new issue of Edge magazine, published on April 10 in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio, the SCEA R&D engineer also confirmed that PS3 peripheral Move is effectively…

Batman: Arkham Knight will surely tie up the trilogy with a flourish – so what’s next for Rocksteady?

at 04:42pm April 3 2014
Batman Arkham Knight

Rocksteady has done for Batman videogames what Christopher Nolan once did for the Dark Knight at the movies. Just as the British director’s rebooted film trilogy added critical kudos to Batman’s undoubted and enduring box office appeal, London studio Rocksteady’s Arkham adventures have, after years of disappointments, done DC’s property true justice in videogame form.…

Eve Valkyrie and how CCP became the frontrunner in the race to define virtual reality gaming

at 01:56pm April 1 2014
Eve Valkyrie 3

If Sony and Oculus are leading the virtual reality hardware arms race, then CCP is running away with the dash to define this new medium’s software. We’ve seen and played our fair share of impressive tech demos on Oculus and Morpheus, but Eve Valkyrie is different: a built-for-VR game which will layer MMO and social…

Indies praise Xbox One self-publishing – but Microsoft must drop its launch parity policy

at 06:09pm March 31 2014
Xbox One pad 1

The ID@Xbox program is being hailed as a success by indies releasing games through the initiative, but Microsoft must revise its launch parity policy if Xbox One is to become as indie-friendly as rival PS4. During GDC Microsoft announced that that it has sent Xbox One devkits to over 250 independent studios, and it also…

Ubisoft will continue to support ‘old gen’ consoles for years to come

at 03:56pm March 28 2014
360 PS3

Ubisoft isn’t leaving Xbox 360 and PS3 development behind just yet – it’ll continue to support the consoles for several more years, says its vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was released on 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 and Watch Dogs will repeat the trick of spanning the console…

‘Let’s find water on Mars’ – Project Morpheus could help NASA crowdsource future research, says Sony

at 01:20pm March 27 2014
Project Morpheus

Scientists and consumers could collaborate on NASA research projects with the advent of consumer-grade virtual reality headsets like Project Morpheus, says SCEA’s Anton Mikhailov. Sony introduced its VR headset, codenamed Project Morpheus, at GDC last week, also announcing its partnership with NASA during the reveal event. The two parties have been sharing knowledge around virtual…

Facebook, Oculus Rift and the virtual reality arms race

at 01:45pm March 26 2014

Suddenly, Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus makes Sony’s entry into the virtual reality race seem quaint by comparison. Last week, we heralded the first sighting of Sony’s Project Morpheus headset as the mainstream validation VR needed for it to truly thrive – a popular platform, the backing of a large corporation, a ready-made audience.…

Microsoft is renewing its PC gaming focus, exploring VR and open to feedback on launch parity, says Phil Spencer

at 01:10am March 22 2014
Phil Spencer

Microsoft will soon renew its focus on PC gaming, is looking into virtual reality and continuing to assess concerns over ID@Xbox’s launch parity clause, said Phil Spencer at GDC this morning. Speaking as part of a wide-ranging ‘Fireside chat’ session hosted by Gamasutra editor in chief Kris Graft, the Microsoft Studios boss was also quizzed…

Sony’s dazzling Project Morpheus demos show that virtual reality’s future is bigger than videogames

at 04:20pm March 21 2014
Project Morpheus

I’m looking nervously around within Sony London’s Project Morpheus demo The Deep, dreading the inevitable shark attack. My heart is pounding and my palms are sweating. It’s genuinely troubling; the glistening, undulating surface above is fading from view as we descend ever deeper, and when I see broken bits of wood and other debris floating…

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime steals the show at GDC 2014′s Indie Megabooth

at 09:24pm March 19 2014
Lovers in a dangerous spacetime

Taken as a snapshot of what’s hot in indie game development right now, a scan of GDC 2014’s Indie Megabooth paints a picture of a scene in which local multiplayer continues its resurgence, adding a personal touch to the more expected offbeat and experimental gameplay present this year. The standout game in 2014 is undoubtedly…

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