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    Strike Suit Zero: the most Japanese game to ever come out of Guildford

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    at 12:30pm December 21 2012
    Strike Suit Zero

    Strike Suit Zero’s aesthetic is eastern. This PC space dogfighter is neon blue and cherry-blossom pink, and casts the player as the pilot of a spaceship-cum-mecha – the eponymous Strike Suit. Its story – a tale of Earth’s struggle against the colonists it fired out to inhabit our galaxy’s other worlds – is told via anime-esque talking heads and subtitled text. But Strike Suit Zero isn’t Japanese. It’s from Guildford, and it’s being made by a team who class resolutely western games as their core influences. Born Ready Games was raised on space-based classics like TIE Fighter, Freelancer, and Starlancer.

    Still Playing: Dota 2

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    at 12:10pm December 10 2012

    They say you get more conservative as you get older. The weights of the world grind you down, you close off your idealistic impulses, and you draw inwards. You become selfish. You look out for number one. You uphold the status quo.

    Still Playing: League Of Legends

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    at 12:20pm September 21 2012

    I’ve played around 80 hours of League Of Legends, but I wouldn’t say I was ‘good’ at it. Not even close. Competent, when I’ve had ten hours sleep and enough caffeine to keep my leg bouncing through a match, but never good. People – my team-mates and my opponents – realise this quickly.

    SOE’s John Smedley and Matt Higby on why “a subscription would kill a game like Planetside 2″

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    at 10:39am September 20 2012

    Already at beta stage, Planetside 2′s war is gigantic in scope. A quick fly-by of Indar – a huge, dusty area, one of three continents to be available in the final product – in one of the game’s air vehicles yields ludicrous spectacles. Aerial dogfights between squadrons of fighter craft; pitched tank battles as two armoured columns collide; entire platoons of players discharged on the top of an enemy-held base, coming up against fifty-odd infantrymen and women in defence.

    Why Tribes Ascend is free to play – Hi-Rez’s Todd Harris explains

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    at 10:59am September 19 2012

    Hi-Rez Studios’ Global Agenda was one of the first western, subscription-based MMOGs to drop its monthly tithe in favour of a free-to-play economic model. The massively multiplayer shooter/RPG hybrid immediately gained a swathe of new players, and gave Hi-Rez the confidence to underpin its next two titles – hyper-competitive jetpack FPS Tribes Ascend, and Dota-alike Smite – with the same payment model. We spoke to Hi-Rez’s COO, Todd Harris, about the switch to free-to-play and the success that followed.

    Still Playing: Team Fortress 2

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    at 10:36am August 24 2012
    Still Playing: Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2 is the only game in the world that has a control test. On console, as part of Valve's Orange Box, TF2 is under glass: a multiplayer, class-based shooter untouched from 2007's original release. There, my scout has a standard issue pistol and a scattergun. My soldier a rocket launcher and a shovel. My demoman both grenade and sticky bomb launcher.

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