Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Highlights from our community-written blogs, featuring first impressions of Move and an online shooter starring Mario.

Following the release of Sony’s new motion controller last week, Savage Henry provides a detailed analysis of the Move launch line-up, along with his first impressions of the device, what works and what doesn’t. While impressed overall, he’s not sure that it will revolutionise gaming just yet.

"Are gamers going to be put off [by] the lack of implementation into current games?" he asks. "I personally think that a lot of people will wait and I’d be surprised if PS3 steals [this] holiday off the back of previously released games with Move implementation. Having said that, my head is swimming with ideas about other games that I could imagine having Move integration."

After last week’s epic three-part treatise on procedurally generated content, Boto_de_Gatas considers the potential in Mario and Fludd for an imaginative online shooter on Wii. Mario’s already thumping his fellow characters in Smash Brothers, so why not a little paintball too?

"Nintendo doesn’t have an online shooter like Halo to call their own," de_Gatas writes. "But it can have. Sort of. Remember, Mario’s ‘Fludd’ device? Well, imagine that it now sprays paint and that teams of different colours have to paint the opponents in order to win…"

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