Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Despite the excitement generated by the announcement of Nintendo's 3DS launch date, and subsequent reveal of Sony's PSP follow up, codenamed NGP, community blogger nothough is finding it difficult to see what all the fuss is about.

"Don't get me wrong, they sound excellent," he writes. "3D gaming without the need for glasses? PS3-equivalent processing power? These are huge selling points. But, really, what's new? Yes, 3D might alter how we visualise handheld titles, but what are we actually doing [differently] to what we're already doing? NGP sounds like it's using ideas that numerous others have already used, but multiplied them by three.

The familiar lineup of franchises promised across both systems has also left nothough cold, especially given that home versions exist of many.

"Pilotwings? Killzone? [Uncharted]? SF4? These are all going to be good, I'm certain… but I've played them all before. Countless times, in fact. I can play these games in an immersive, comfortable atmosphere on a large television using excellent control methods."

Have Nintendo and Sony done enough to get you excited about the next generation of handheld gaming, or has Apple's iPhone sapped their momentum?

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