Current Best Sellers

Current Best Sellers

The Wii Play/Wiimote bundle tops the top selling games list, followed by The Sims 2: Seasons, while a discounted Bully shoots to the number three spot. Click through for the top sellers by platform…

Wii: The Wii Play/Wiimote bundle comes in at the top of the Wii top sellers list as well as the overall game charts. Sonic and the Secret rings creeps up the list coming in at number three, but can’t quite beat out Twilight Princess this week.





  1. Wii Play w/ Remote—Nintendo
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess—Nintendo
  3. Sonic and the Secret Rings—Sega
  4. WarioWare: Smooth Moves—Nintendo
  5. SSX Blur (pre-order)—EA
  6. Rayman Raving Rabbids—Ubisoft
  7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (pre-order)—EA
  8. Mario Party 8—Nintendo
  9. Trauma Center: Second Opinion—Atlus
  10. Call of Duty 3—Activision

Xbox 360: Crackdown rules the Xbox 360 list, boosted by good reviews and the inclusion of the Halo 3 beta. Three-month-old Gears of War manages to land in the number two spot as pre-orders for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 come in at number three. This week’s MLB 2K7 debuts at number four.





  1. Crackdown—Microsoft
  2. Gears of War—Microsoft
  3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (pre-order)—EA
  4. Major League Baseball 2K7—2K
  5. Halo 3 (pre-order)—Microsoft
  6. DDR Universe bundle (pre-order)—Konami
  7. Rainbow Six Vegas—Ubisoft
  8. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (pre-order)—Ubisoft
  9. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition—Capcom
  10. Call of Duty 3—Activision

PS3: Resistance: Fall of Man gets a little company at the top with MotorStorm pre-orders, which come in at number two. Virtua Fighter 5, released last week, comes in at number three, followed by this week’s MLB 2K7.





  1. Resistance: Fall of Man—SCEA
  2. MotorStorm (pre-order)—SCE
  3. Virtua Fighter 5—Sega
  4. Major League Baseball 2K7—2K
  5. F1 Championship Ed. (pre-order)—SCEA
  6. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (pre-order)—2K
  7. Need for Speed Carbon—EA
  8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07—EA
  9. Blazing Angels—Ubisoft
  10. Fight Night Round 3—EA

PC: Pre-orders for this week’s The Sims 2: Seasons expansion pack are number one on the PC list and second on the overall game charts, just after the Wii Play bundle. Interest in The Lord of the Rings Online from Midway is also rising, as pre-orders come in at number two on the PC list.






  1. The Sims 2: Seasons exp. pack (pre-order)—EA
  2. LOTR Online: Shadows of Angmar (pre-order)—Midway
  3. Supreme Commander—THQ
  4. WoW: The Burning Crusade—Vivendi
  5. World of Warcraft—Vivendi
  6. The Sims 2—EA
  7. The Sims 2: Pets exp.—EA
  8. Jade Empire Special Edition—Take-Two
  9. Microsoft Flight Sim 2004—Microsoft
  10. The Sims 2: University exp.—EA

PS2: Bully comes out of nowhere to take the top PS2 spot thanks to a discount from $40 to $25. That schoolyard romp is followed by pre-orders for perhaps the last big huge PS2 game, God of War 2.





  1. Bully—Take-Two
  2. God of War 2 (pre-order)—SCEA
  3. God of War—SCEA
  4. Guitar Hero 2 bundle—RedOctane
  5. MLB 07: The Show (pre-order)—SCEA
  6. Karaoke Revolution Party—Konami
  7. Final Fantasy XII—Square Enix
  8. Guitar Hero—RedOCtane
  9. Kingdom Hearts II—Square Enix
  10. Shadow of the Colossus—SCEA

DS: Diddy Kong Racing continues to perform well on the DS, even overtaking Brain Age for the number one DS spot. Pre-orders for the impending release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl also appear in the top ten.





  1. Diddy Kong Racing—Nintendo
  2. Brain Age—Nintendo
  3. New Super Mario Bros.—Nintendo
  4. Mario Kart DS—Nintendo
  5. Pokemon Diamond (pre-order)—Nintendo
  6. Big Brain Academy—Nintendo
  7. Nintendogs Lab & Friends—Nintendo
  8. Animal Crossing: Wild World—Nintendo
  9. Cooking Mama—Majesco
  10. Pokemon Pearl (pre-order)—Nintendo

PSP: The recently released Rachet & Clank: Size Matters snags the number one PSP spot, beating out the two PSP GTAs. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops edges to the bottom of the PSP list.





  1. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters—SCEA
  2. GTA: Liberty City Stories—Rockstar
  3. GTA: Vice City Stories—Rockstar
  4. Madden NFL 07—EA
  5. Sid Meier’s Pirates! Live the Life—2K
  6. FIFA Soccer 07—EA
  7. Medal of Honor Heroes—EA
  8. Star Wars Battlefront II—LucasArts
  9. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops—Konami
  10. Namco Museum Battle Collection—Namco

Note:’s top sellers list is updated hourly.