Dark Souls II: Revealing a new world through concept art


The black rider in the chariot, who looks like one of Tolkien’s Nazgûl, is in fact an undead who acts as an executioner if you commit evil deeds. So does this mean there will be some kind of moral system underpinning Dark Souls II? “Yes, definitely,” Shibuya confirms with a grin. “If you’re unlucky enough, you’ll be able to meet them.”

The undead executioner’s chariot also points to another feature that hasn’t been explored in the series previously: vehicles. The player’s vulnerability in Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls was reinforced by the lack of vehicular assistance. You were always the footsoldier on the front lines wading into certain death, never the horseback cavalry charging in with the upper hand. Shibuya describes vehicles as something the team wants to implement in Dark Souls II as a new element for players. “We want to constantly think of something new that hasn’t been tried before, so that’s where that idea [of the chariot] came up.”