Dark Souls II: Revealing a new world through concept art


There are a number of glossy printouts of Dark Souls II concept art lying on the table between us and Shibuya – the same images you’ll find illustrating this feature. With the formal interview concluded and our final minutes ticking away, we make one last push for information. Would Shibuya kindly give us a guided tour of the concept art before us so that we know what we’re looking at?

He lays his index finger on a knight dressed in a regal coat of blue and grey armour. This is the main hero, he says. We point out the grey animal fur adorning the shoulders of the armour and recount a conversation we had with Miyazaki months ago about the Dark Souls team experimenting with – and later abandoning – snowy terrain because it was too technically demanding.

“We’re not really thinking of anything to take place covered in snow or blizzards or stuff like that,” explains Shibuya. “But the aspect of snow and weather is something that we’re definitely looking into and thinking about implementing, so that this actually makes sense as well.” The idea of dynamic weather in a Dark Souls game is enticing. Can you imagine how much more evocative the mood of, say, Darkroot Garden would have been if a misty rain began pattering on the grassy turf as you traced a path in the dark between those incandescent flower blossoms?