Develop 2014: recommended sessions


One week from today developers from across the world will gather in Brighton for the UK’s biggest gaming conference, Develop. Ahead of the show, we present the must-see sessions and definitive presentations, from some of the industry’s luminaries.

20 Years of PlayStation, 40 Years of Console Games, and 100 Years to Come
Wednesday, 9:30
Mark Cerny interviews Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House, picking up where our interview  left off and looking at the growth of the PlayStation brand and the road ahead, with one of the few men who was there from the very beginning.

The You: Designing Tearaway Around the Player
Wednesday, 11:00
Our Making Of Tearaway feature took a look at the troubled development of Vita’s best game, but here Media Molecule’s Rex Crowle goes in-depth on just one aspect of the game’s design: you. Tearaway frequently addresses the player and even drags them into the world, and Crowle explains the power behind you-centric design.

Harnessing Science To Entertain
Wednesday 12:00
Elite Dangerous is set in a 1:1 scale version of the Milky Way, where ships built to real aerodynamic standards engage in trade, travel and warfare at the edge of humanity’s expansion into the galaxy. Frontier’s David Braben and a panel of scientists sit down to share how and why science can be at the centre of videogame world-building.

Giving Back Control: The Last Of Us And Telling Stories In Gameplay
Wednesday, 17:00
Before joining Media Molecule, game designer Peter Field worked at Naughty Dog where he worked on Uncharted and The Last Of Us. It’s the latter at the focus of his early evening presentation, where Field will discuss how he and Naughty Dog went about building the key story beats of The Last Of Us in gameplay rather than cutscenes, and where narrative-driven games should go next.

Failing And Learning To Be An Indie
Thursday, 11:15
Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone and the forthcoming Volume, debunks the myth of the “indie genius,” and discusses the years of failures and experience it takes to be a modern independent developer.

New Platform, New Technology: Reengineering Kinect Sports for Xbox One
Thursday, 14:00
Rare’s Danny Isaac and Simon Woodroffe take to the Develop stage to look back at what the studio learned from Kinect Sports 1 and 2, and how those games prepared them for the new generation of Kinect, a new generation of consoles and Kinect Sports: Rivals.

Developing For Project Morpheus
Thursday, 16:00
Technical director of Sony’s Immersive Technology Group Ian Bickerstaff and senior engineer Patrick Connor talk through the techniques behind creating an immersive world using Sony’s own virtual reality headset.

The Develop Conference runs from July 8 to July 10 in sunny Brighton for three days of debate, discussion and inspiration from the games industry. House and Cerny will keynote the show on July 9, open a day that will see developers from Media Molecule, SCEE, Microsoft, Rare, 22 Cans, Codemasters, Capy, The Chinese Room and many more discuss development in 2014.

For more information, visit Develop’s website, or follow the show on Twitter and Facebook.