Edge picks out the big winners of 2007, including Best Game, Best Innovation and Best Design.


One remarkable year. Where promises were tested to breaking point, where reputations were both bruised and burnished, where games had to speak for themselves instead of dazzling with mere HD sheen.


It was a year in which Nintendo remade itself with startling success. A year in which Sony started on the back foot and failed to get itself back on to its front one. A year in which Microsoft built itself a formidable collection of titles for the 360 and further consolidated Xbox Live’s appeal.


It was a year of a new operating system on PCs and a (so far) faltering attempt to consolidate PC gaming software under a unified banner. It was a year in which online became even more of an indispensable part of gaming, not just for multiplayer, but for social and creative endeavor. And it was a year of three Edge 10s, with a Christmas line-up that exceeds that of almost any period in videogame history.


At first glance, this awards list may seem repetitive, with the same names appearing over and over. But this year, a few special companies have shown off a remarkable breadth of talent and expertise, creating multi-faceted games that have truly expanded the boundaries of what videogames can achieve. And only a churl would deny them their due recognition.


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