Edge Create Challenge 2012: Winners

Edge Create Challenge 2012: Winners


Edge Create Challenge 2012: Winners

In March we launched the Edge Create Challenge 2012, in which we invited game makers to dive into Unity's free game engine and create a game on the theme of 'edge'. We received over 50 entries, and today we reveal the overall winner and two runners-up.

The two-runners up will receive a Unity Pro licence including iOS and Android Pro, while the winner receives a trophy, a Unity Pro licence, including iOS and Android Pro, and a trip for one to August's Unite 12 conference in Amsterdam.

Entries were judged by former Bungie and current Sucker Punch game designer Jaime Griesemer, Media Molecule co-founder and creative director Mark Healey, PopCap co-founder John Vechey, thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago, Unity CEO David Helgason, Unity CCO Nicolas Francis, Edge editor-in-chief Tony Mott and editor Alex Wiltshire.

Winner Edge Of The World

by Central Core Studios

A highly polished turn-based competitive shuffleboard game with a Spanish Main theme. Read about the making of the game on Central Core's blog.

Runner-up Framework

by Quick Fingers (Tom Jackson)

A stylish puzzle game in which you must guide a running man to the exit by placing walls.

Runner-up Edge By Night

by Anthony Beyer and Alexandre Colchen

A beautiful infinite run game, which embellishes the format by allowing you to come back from the dead (you have nine lives, naturally) if you can collect glowing orbs.

Honourable mention On The Edge

by Murray Rogers

A fast-paced twitch shooter in which you must shoot out panels on a cube's faces before they turn red, which narrowly took fourth place.

Congratulations to each winner, and thanks to all who entered the competition! We'll be publishing more, including judges' notes, on the outstanding entries in a forthcoming issue of our magazine, as well as on this site.