Edge Developer Awards 2013: the top 50 studios working today


Welcome to the Edge Developer Awards, a new, annual list of the best development studios in the world. Judged by Edge’s editorial team, the EDAs are not ranked by revenue, sales figures or review scores. There are no hard-and-fast criteria that every studio included needs to satisfy, but we know what we’re looking for. We’re interested in technical and creative ability, and in studios that realise the most involving and stimulating game worlds, whether that’s through visual, audio or game design.

We’re also looking for imagination – studios that bring new influences and themes to videogames, and those that experiment with giving players new ways of interacting with their virtual worlds. We’re looking at the ingenuity displayed in creating enthralling experiences with finite development resources. And we’re looking at studios that understand and engage with their audiences, and have the vision to know where games are going next.

Some of the studios we’re highlighting here are vast, employing hundreds of people and making games on a similarly massive scale. Some comprise just a few staff. But all of them make games that reach out to their players and mean something to their lives. These are the best development studios on the planet today.

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