29. Deus Ex

Warren Spector’s Unreal-based end-of-the-century shooter cum role-player swept the awards board with an engrossing story arc.








28. Perfect Dark

Rare’s follow-up to Goldeneye brought Joanna Dark to the world. Shooting from the hip, the game brought the N64 era to a satisfying close.








27. Rez

Innovative musical game that majors on looks and sound.








26. Advance Wars

Turn-based combat for GBA that players found difficult to put down.








25. Sim City 2000

Will Wright’s urban planning series has millions of fans, many of whom see this as the only computer game worth playing.








24. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Triumphant 2003 return for the classic platforming series, which melds agility with puzzle-solving and combat.








23. Metroid Prime

Nintendo’s shooter was a high-point for GameCube.








22. World Of WarCraft

A way of life for millions, and long may it continue.








21. Okami

An artsy and stylish critical darling largely ignored by the public.








20. Civilization IV

Awesome strategy game spanning centuries; the high-point in a series that has consistently delivered the very best in turn-based strategy.