Fallout 3 iPod Competition

Fallout 3 iPod Competition

EDIT: And we have a winner! Congratulations to @mimetos’ Dead Lincoln. It’s all about the hats: www.twitpic.com/dnz1z.

What better way to celebrate the beautiful and dangerous desolation of the Capital Wasteland than by sitting back, headphones in ears, and listening to Kate Nash? Or, indeed, by watching an episode of My Name is Earl?

And what better way to enjoy these fruits of noughties western culture than on your very own Fallout 3-engraved iPod Nano?

The prize, with bonsai tree for scale

We’re offering you the chance to win a yellow 8gb iPod Nano engraved on the back with the Fallout logo, provided courtesy of Fallout 3’s maker, Bethesda.

How can you be in the running? Well, we want to see your greatest Fallout 3 fashion combos in the form of screenshots from the game. What are we looking for? Well, style, poise and awesome hats, of course.

Can you beat our leopard-skin nightwear toting, bearded Lone Wanderer? We hope so

Enter by Twittering us your images (PC screenshots or photos of your TV) via Twitpic or the image sharing website of your choice to @edgeonline. One entry per Twitter username, please, and no mod-enhanced costumes, either. We will know.

We’ll be accepting entries until 2pm GMT on Friday August 14, and will announce the winner, entirely subjectively chosen by us, at 5pm. Please don’t put any personal details on your tweets – we’ll ask the winner for their address. We will not retain any details from entrants.