FEATURE: Reel Gaming

FEATURE: Reel Gaming




God Of War

With a lack of Sony synergy, Sony Pictures looked past Sony Computer Entertainment’s interactive juggernaut and allowed Universal to cash in on this Greek action monster.

Talent: David Self (Road To Perdition) has finished the script and game creator David Jaffe has his eye on Djimon Hounsou as Kratos.
Release: TBA
Prospects: Universal Pictures has a number of videogame movies in the works, and this best-selling game franchise, which has a new PS3 iteration on the way, is its biggest – especially post-300.



‘Gladiator meets Mad Max’ in this future action flick that reinvents the classic arcade game and is set in Las Vegas 25 years from now.

Talent: Producers Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters have a completed script by Marc Gottlieb.
Release: 2009
Prospects: With a new comic book, the movie and a new game from Midway, Joust could be the first classic game to succeed on the big screen.


Kane & Lynch

With the success of Hitman, Lions Gate has fast-tracked this film, acquiring it even before the game shipped to poor reviews.

Talent: Producer Adrian Askerieh has a completed script by Kyle Ward
Release: 2009
Prospects: Even negative reviews of the game talked positively about the great story concept, so this could work as a buddy action movie.


Max Payne

Filming in Toronto this winter, after nearly ten years Max Payne is finally heading to the big screen.

Talent: Producer Scott Faye, director John Moore, writer Beau Thorne, and Mark Wahlberg in the title role.
Release: 2009
Prospects: Wahlberg has a loyal fan following and can be a solid actor, which should bring depth to this gritty action film.


Metal Gear Solid

Following its Silent Hill movie, Sony Pictures is once again working with Konami on one of the most anticipated videogame adaptations outside of Neill Blomkamp’s currently ‘dead’ Halo adaptation.

Talent: None confirmed
Release: TBA
Prospects: If the right talent is assembled in front of and behind the camera, and this film is made with North American movie-goers in mind, it could be a huge hit. Then again, any film that exactly follows the storylines of any of the games would most likely bomb.


Mortal Kombat Devastation

This film is supposed to be a reboot of the franchise, rather than the third film in the series.

Talent: Producer Larry Kassanoff and his Threshold Entertainment company have been behind all things Mortal Kombat.
Release: TBA
Prospects: After the original film was a hit, the sequel tanked, but gamers are still getting new games every year from Midway. This film has the potential to draw an audience, if only out of curiosity.



Capcom’s time-traveling warrior tale is set to film in China with the man who translated the dark Silent Hill for the big screen.

Talent: Producer Samuel Hadida, director Christophe Gans, screenwriters Leslie Kruger and John Collee
Release: December 2009
Prospects: The $70 million budget should go a long way filming in China, and the game series has a strong following around the globe.



Uwe Boll wrote, directed, produced and stars in this movie, which has almost nothing to do with Running With Scissors’ controversial shooter.

Talent: Dave Foley, Zack Ward and Verne Troyer star in this comedy
Release: June 2008
Prospects: At screenings and film festivals around the world, this film has divided audiences down the middle. They either love it or hate it. With a much lower budget than In The Name Of The King, Postal at least has a better chance of recouping its costs.