The Games People Buy 2007

 Positions 30 to 21: 800,000 sales to 1 million sales

30. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
PS2 plus Most Others
October / Sports / Electronic Arts
Aaron Thomas (GameSpot): “Almost universally, the changes and additions made since last year serve to make Tiger Woods 07 a better game. The improvement in the last 11 months shows that EA isn’t content to maintain the status quo.”





29. The Godfather: The Game
PS2 plus Xbox; Xbox 360; PC
March / License / Electronic Arts
Dean Mortlock (Boomtown): “The grainy, sepia tones of the graphics do a fine job of recreating a New York of the past, and the characters look incredible, but there’s still a feeling that The Godfather isn’t quite as good as it could be.”





28. Tony Hawk’s Project 8
PS2 plus Most Others
November / Sports / Activision
Chris Antista (GamesRadar): “It would seem that the developers are appealing to a younger demographic, by no means a bad thing, but a higher degree in difficulty would’ve been nice. We hardcore Hawk-ers are left with little more than finding all the gaps for a hardcore, extended experience. After all, those who have been with the TH since the beginning are eight years older, and there are millions of us.”






27. Over The Hedge
PS2 plus Most Others
May / License / Activision
Kristan Reed (Eurogamer): “Over The Hedge is quite obviously a decent attempt to make the most of the license, and isn’t the bloodless exercise that we feared it would be. Rated next to proper, real life combat platform games like Jak & Daxter and Sly Raccoon it’s evidently a pale shadow of what else is out there, but next to other kids’ games it’s a massive improvement over what we’ve seen before.”






26.  MLB ’06: The Show
PS2 plus PSP
March / Sports / Sony
Jeff Haynes (IGN): “Apart from a new mini-game and the inclusion of Rivalry mode, MLB ’06: The Show doesn’t really do anything revolutionary to the game system except fix a number of bugs that plagued MLB 2005.”





25. Black
PS2 plus Xbox
March / Shooter / Electronic Arts
Chris Leyton (TotalVideoGames): “Criterion’s effort is an excellent first stab at first-person-shooters. Hopefully Black can follow the improvements that Burnout made over the course of the series, so by the time the third title arrives we’re looking at something that really pushes the genre into new places.”






24. FIFA World Cup 2006
PS2 plus All Others
April / Sports / Electronic Arts
Andrew Macarthy (Play): “A well-rounded experience that is the official virtual compliment to the real world events. As a standalone football game without all the World Cup-related fluff and filling, EA has provided something which is actually good fun to play.”





23. Major League Baseball 2K6
Xbox 360 plus PS2; Xbox; GameCube; PSP
April / Sports / Take-Two
Scott Tobias (The Onion): “The nay-sayers were right: Licensing agreements generally lead to one bad choice.”





22. Scarface: The World Is Yours
PS2 plus Xbox; PC
October / License / Vivendi
Ben Dutka (PSX Extreme): “The city is large and teeming with life, sporting more vivacity and liveliness than any GTA populace, but not enough of it is utilized. You do get to visit blood banks to refill your health, drop off acquired funds at the bank, purchase all kinds of goodies, and basically be the man around town, but it all feels somewhat stripped down and clunky. Ironically enough, despite all the frills, they all seem disjointed and even superfluous, which essentially means the individual pieces are better than the whole.”






21. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
PS2 (PSP version released in 2005; not counted here)
1 million
June / Action / Take-Two
Jeff Gerstmann (GameSpot): “…Pales in comparison to the ‘real’ Grand Theft Auto games and this port to PS2 feels suspiciously like a cash-in, something the megapopular series has been very careful about in the past. The writing isn’t up to par with the past games, the mission design is often dull, and overall, the game feels like the mechanics of GTA, without the attention to detail and care. That said, since it’s available for only $20, some of these things can be overlooked.”





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