Greetings from SUDA51

Hello, EDGE readers.

I’m SUDA51, from Grasshopper Manufacture.

Grasshopper Manufacture is a Japanese game developer.

This is our website:

We made "No More Heroes" and "killer7".

I’ve decided to start writing a blog here, from today onwards. To tell you the truth, I literally abstain completely from blogs and social networking sites here in Japan. Still, I’m going to give this blog on EDGE a shot: and I am going to use it (for now) to introduce you to the art of Japanese action figures, the cultural lore of which is at least as varied and spectacular as that of videogames.

Here in Japan, we have tons of small, cheap, high-quality action figures.

I personally love toy figures, myself; every singe time I step into the convenience store nearest our offices, I can’t help purchasing one or two of them.
Yes: Japanese convenience stores sell (along with everything else) toy figures.

In Japanese game centers, you can buy little toy figures in plastic capsules from "Gacha Gacha" machines.

And so this is the rich, cultural industry in which I would like to immerse you.

I hope you’re excited.

I’ll update every weekday — Monday through Friday.

I don’t have any figures to show you today. But this blog will begin in all its glory very soon.

?This photo is of the singles box for The Smiths — my favorite band.

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