Introducing Edge 244

Introducing Edge 244

Issue 244 of Edge features on its cover a beleaguered, resigned Jodie Holmes, the lead character of Quantic Dream's upcoming Beyond: Two Souls. Along with our in-depth preview of the game and art showcase, we speak to its writer-director David Cage about what Ellen Page brings to the game in her role as Holmes.

In our lead feature, Why I Make Games, we speak to game designers about what motivates them to do what they do. We investigate whether health points are the next revolution in gaming. And on page 80, Ubisoft Massive's David Polfeldt, Avalanche Studios Christofer Sundberg, Umbra Software Thomas Puha and Playdead's Dino Patti discuss the attitudes and strengths that set Scandinavia apart.

Elsewhere in the magazine we explore the world of player-friendly game-making software and speak to sci-fi author Neal Stephenson about virtual fiction and his favourite game.

In our Making Of… article, we look at the creation of Ubisoft's landmark open-world Assassin's Creed. We also profile Capybara's Nathan Vella; brave Dark Souls' heavenly city, Anor Londo, one more time; before considering Call Of Duty's greatest power fantasy, the AC-130 gunship.

The usual raft of previews and reviews are present and correct, of course, including ZombiU, DayZ, Borderlands 2, Spelunky, Deadlight and Quantum Connundrum.

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