RedLynx on Trials Evolution

RedLynx on Trials Evolution

Revealed at E3 last year, Trials Evolution's promise of simultaneous four-player motorcycle aerobatics is undoubtedly an intoxicating one. But RedLynx's latest trailer, released earlier this month, revealed that the Finnish studio has far bigger plans for its series, somehow packing a LittleBigPlanet-rivalling level editor into its XBLA game.

We caught up with creative director and lead designer Antti Ilvessuo, level designer Lee Rowland, and level designer and video producer John Lloyd to find out just how powerful Evolution's editor is, and what you'll be able to do with it.

How does Evolution's editor compare to the one in Trials HD?
Lee Rowland: To put it in perspective, HD’s trigger system gave you about four options from every trigger. In Evolution you’ve got thousands of potential options through the various combinations, and because of that you’re able to modify practically everything in the game instantly, which opens up practically any kind of genre.

Could you tell us more about the scripting icons that are shown in the trailer?
John Lloyd: The icons are almost a little programming language of their own. We’ve got a ton of different functions that all the different icons can perform, from simple things like just making something break, to the more advanced stuff that we show at the end of the trailer, including other types of games.
Antti Ilvessuo: But it’s important to remember that it’s still geared towards making Trials tracks easily, and you don’t have to worry about the icons to do that. You just place a starting point, a finish line and some obstacles then off you go: You’re ready to ride.

From left to right: Level designer Lee Rowland lead designer Antti Ilvessuo and level designer and video producer John Lloyd

What are the editor's limitations?
LR: There aren’t really any limitations! [Laughs] At the moment we’re just testing anything, we’re saying, “Okay, I want to try and make this type of game,” then seeing if we can. There’s practically nothing you cannot do; it’s bloody huge.
AI: We are are currently experimenting with what's possible. At the start we just thought it would be a cool thing to do [for Trials tracks] but when we were making tracks for the game, we learned what it was capable of. Lee made the firstperson shooter [in the trailer] four weeks ago, but we're already making better stuff. The limits are pretty high!