Region Specific: Dublin

Region Specific: Dublin

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?World-class middleware and customer service have put Ireland's capital on the map.

?Dublin's finest development talent on bucking global financial trends, the benefits of tax breaks, and the width of the Irish Sea.

Studio profiles

  • PopCap Games International The casual developer with more than a hint of hardcore about it.
  • Jolt Online A home-grown developer that’s throwing the casual rulebook away.
  • Havok A proudly Irish company that provides the world’s developers with chaos to order.
  • Swrve This player metrics middleware company is all about attention to detail.
  • Riot Games The League Of Legends creator puts its focus firmly on the player.
  • BioWare Ireland The developer that’s building an army of customer service agents.
  • Gala Networks Europe Industry veterans and proven MMOG specialists.
  • Trinity College Dublin A 400-year-old college with its eye firmly on the future of the game industry.