Region Specific: Paris

Region Specific: Paris

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The city of lights is home to a group of developers who plan to take the ‘French touch’ to the rest of the world.

One of the world’s most beautiful cities is home to a bountiful development scene.

Studio profiles

  • DONTNOD A studio founded by industry veterans that’s taking the Parisian fight worldwide. 
  • BulkyPix A fast-growing publisher and developer using Darwinian logic to accelerate growth.
  • Focus Home Interactive With 50 territories to cover, staff at this young publisher know all about focus.
  • Kylotonn Games This developer is happy to co-operate in order to punch above its weight.
  • Wizarbox A studio that’s serious about being hardcore.
  • SpawnApps We talk to Alex Macris, co-founder of the technology company that wants to make playing games more like YouTube.
  • Capital Games We speak to project manager Jean-Baptiste Franjeulle about the non-profit association helping to put Paris’ talent on the map.