Region Specific: Finland

Region Specific: Finland

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From origins in the vibrant 1990s demoscene has emerged one of Europe’s most creative centres for game development.

Finland’s most successful game developers on their reputation for polish and clarity, and hatred of pigs.

Studio profiles

  • RedLynx Making addictive games isn’t a trial for this Helsinki developer.
  • Remedy Entertainment A developer with the ambition and drive to consistently break new ground.
  • Rovio This growing company’s ambitions don’t stop at one monster-sized hit.
  • Housemarque From its roots in the Amiga demoscene, this developer is focused on the future.
  • Frozenbyte The Peter Pan of Finland’s developers, Frozenbyte refuses to grow up.
  • Futuremark A leader in the benchmarking field expands into game development.