Something About Japan: Hideo Kojima on his Revengeance world tour


With about a week to go until Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance hits stores in Japan, North America and Europe (21, 19 and 22 February respectively), Konami staged a special event in Tokyo for one final push – and the stars included Konami’s Hideo Kojima alongside producer Atsushi Inaba, creative producer Yuji Korekado and art director Yoji Shinkawa, all of Platinum Games.

The event was held on 13 February at 246Common, a newish outdoor farmers market and food court in Tokyo’s swanky Omotesando area. Dressed in full-length down jackets in front of a steadily more freezing crowd, the group of design veterans detailed special meet and greet sessions to be held around the world over the coming weeks, revealed the game’s advertising campaign and shared stories on its development, reports Japanese site 4gamer.

“Look! It’s perfectly complete!” exclaimed Kojima, praising Platinum Games’ technical skill in pulling off the game that his own Kojima Productions studio had failed to produce. “I thought the day would never come,” responded Inaba, adding that it had been a burden to carry the Metal Gear flag during development. “But we tried to have fun as we made the game, and in the end the whole studio was glad to have taken it on.”

The Revengeance World Tour will hit nine cities around the world: London, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. The Fab Four will split into groups of two, with Kojima and Shinkawa attending promo events in Europe, and Inaba and Korekado handling the rest.

The first event will be held on 18 February in a GameStop store on Universal Studios Blvd in Los Angeles, with an autograph session, T-shirt giveaway and live music courtesy of the game’s composer Jamie Christopherson. Similar events are confirmed for 20 February in Mexico City and 22 February at London’s Westfield White City and in Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, lower-key launch events in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Sapporo will feature a lottery, with prizes such as luxury Metal Gear iPhone cases and phone straps, with cute cardboard Raiden masks given to everyone who attends.

Kojima unveiled two Japanese TV spots for Revengeance, in which a student and an office assistant are constantly badgered until their frustration triggers an explosion of Raiden-like violence (you can watch them above and on the next page). “We all face lots of little stresses every day, so I want people to find relief with this game,” Kojima explained. The ads started airing in Japan that same day.

He also said that the North American adverts will be similar: “Although there are differences in national traits between Japan and the US, the basic feeling of pent-up frustration is the same, so both sets of ads will feature people ‘becoming’ Raiden.”

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