Story design through crowd sourcing

Story design through crowd sourcing

Story design through crowd sourcing

In the few months following the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle and the launch of the Jack Claw project, the community has been building up the foundations by creating tools and code to ease the journey. 

And this week was a perfect time to open the vaults and dig up ye old design documents. Since the concept of Jack Claw was developed as far as to have a playable demo, there are a lot of plans, story scripts and gameplay design documents. And from now on we will be releasing interesting tidbits every now and then. 

The idea here is that everyone can see what was planned in terms of the story and the setting and the community gets to choose if it wants to improve on top of that or scrap a whole lot of it. So, now we are also looking for crowd sourcing writers and anyone else interested in finding about how a game gets planned and designed on paper first.

Here’s a little sample from the background story. 

"Jack lives a fragmented life under the Dome. He's a rebel only by nature; his political beliefs and views are thin. The suffocating effect of the Dome is almost just an excuse to swim against the current. The most outrageous stunt he often pulls is to play his makeshift electric guitar on a street corner. It always ends the same way: he gets arrested and thrown into jail for the night – because music, other than what’s government-sanctioned, is illegal. And even legal music can only be played at specific government sanctioned times.

“On one such night when Jack is in jail again, his uncle, Jacob, is searching for him. Jacob is bleeding badly and barely able to move. He is arrested and taken into custody. At the old theatre where Jack is currently squatting, he finds Jacob’s bloody Claw, a tool used to maintain and repair the Dome, on the floor. Picking up the Claw, Jack follows the bloody trail outside and sets out to free Jacob. Only, he's too late."

In this small excerpt we learn how our protagonist gets his main weapon and what it is actually used for, plus we find out that Jack is actually kind of a punk anarchist with an affinity for rock guitars in the wrong places. This and a lot more will be a part of the materials that we will release in the days to come. So hopefully for some people interested in making games, starting by reading the story might present a slightly easier way for the community to work its way into the project. 

Can a story be written by many different people? That remains to be seen. Join in and give it your two cents worth

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