Ten controversial Edge reviews

Ten controversial Edge reviews

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil

Reviewed in E63, October 1998

What we said: "Overall, Turok 2 is a detailed and well-integrated title – not to mention an extremely enjoyable one. The technical, AI and design advances made since the original game are more than enough to elicit a favourable response. And, as with GoldenEye, there's a realistic sense of pace that is missing from all too many contemporary, firstperson PC shooters – a factor which players of those games don't seem to appreciate. Their loss.[9]

What we got wrong: We let the level design off easy, for a start. Even by contemporary standards Seeds of Evil’s levels were meandering and confused – that extra polish on the character models not extending to featureless environments. And for all the inventiveness of the weapon set, combat itself was rather pedestrian.

What we got right: The Cerebral Bore was okay.