Texas Indie Game Con: Warren Spector

Texas Indie Game Con: Warren Spector

Texas Indie Game Con: Warren Spector

After his keynote address at the Texas Independent Game Conference, famed game designer and Junction Point founder Warren Spector spoke with Next-Gen, briefly clarifying three of his major points during his Sunday morning talk to an audience of indie developers.

Next-Gen: Tell us what you mean when you talk about "blowing up" mainstream games.

Well, I don’t want to blow up mainstream games, I just want there to be an alternative to mainstream games.  And I want the same kind of freedom that folks like George Clooney have, where they can make a big Hollywood blockbuster, and then they can make a Syriana.  We don’t have any of that.  You do one, or the other.  And ‘the other’ is really hard just by itself.

So you are semi-indie?

Yeah.  I would characterize it as independent vs. indie.  I’m independent because I’m not owned by a publisher, I have no safety net.  There’s nobody to tell me what to do or how to do it, unless I chose to give them that power over me.  But you know, just about any definition of indie goes deeper than that. 

Is this a good time to be making games?

On the one hand, there’s never a good time to be making games; you’ve got to be crazy to make games.  On the other hand, it’s always a good time to be making games, because, you know, it’s just a ton of fun.  Why do anything else?

You give a lot of talks.  You write a lot.  You’re everywhere.  Is it difficult to come up with new material?

No, there are always new things to rant about.  And always new things to make games about, too.