The Edge Awards 2012: best game

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Format 360, PC, PS3 Publisher Bethesda Developer Arkane Studios

It’s impossible to celebrate Dishonored without appreciating the world in which it’s set. Dunwall is lavishly built, with visual imagination attending to every tiny detail and expansive vista, and level design that always presents you with interesting choices and meaningful consequences. It’s populated with unforgettably grotesque characters and a sense of their unnerving culture. Its melancholy score hangs in the air like the smog in its streets, and it’s all articulated by Corvo’s fluid controls. Every part of Dishonored works in exquisite concert, every system complementing the others with a graceful cohesion that speaks of Corvo himself, and of the generosity in freedom and participation Dishonored extends to its players. Few games burst as fully formed from the ether – perhaps Dunwall’s most remarkable achievement is that it feels so inevitable.