The Edge awards 2013: studio of the year

The Edge awards 2013

3. Simogo

Simogo released two games in 2013, both recipients of an Edge 9 – Year Walk and Device 6.

From the wintry chills of Year Walk to the stylish mysteries of Device 6, 2013 has seen this two-man team broaden its range – with the help of some talented collaborators – to become the most exciting creative force on iOS. Dark, enigmatic and playful, these two short stories marry riveting narratives with unorthodox systems and flawless presentation.

2. Naughty Dog

The Last Of Us became the fifteenth Edge 10 when we reviewed the game in June.

The Last Of Us was seen as a stopgap, made by Naughty Dog’s B team to flesh out PS3’s lineup while the Uncharted team did big things for PS4. The Last Of Us, however, was better than any Nathan Drake outing, proving Naughty Dog has no B team and cementing its position not only as the best of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, but as an industry leader.

1. Rockstar North

Rockstar North’s latest open world was worth the wait. Our GTAV review heralded the sixteenth 10 in Edge’s history.

Few studios enjoy the luxury of five years between sequels, and fewer still would be allowed a late delay that pushes a release into a new financial year. But Rockstar North is given free rein because the end product will be worth it. Like GTAs past, GTAV melded best-in-class world, visual and audio design, though this time it had the mechanics to match. It’s the sort of game only possible when a publisher gives enough time and budget to one of the most talented, committed studios in the world.