The Edge ExPlay Panel: five inspirational game design ideas

Edge Panel

At this year’s ExPlay conference in Bath, we presented The Edge Panel: Five Inspirational Game Design Ideas, in which five members of the Edge team chose aspects of games which they felt represented the pinnacle of one particular design idea, and explained why. Each day this week, we’ll be presenting those talks in written form. All five will be collected here, so keep checking back during the week.

Journey: How jumping can be emotional

We start with the opinion piece written by features editor Jason Killingsworth on which he based his talk about Journey’s jumping mechanic.


Marsh Davies, PC Gamer online editor and former Edge staffer, considers ‘gunfeel’, and the art of exploding demons’ heads in a satisfying manner.

Street Fighter IV’s Focus Attack

Online editor Nathan Brown explains why Street Fighter IV’s Focus Attack is its defining feature.

Playing in From Dust’s sandbox

Writer Ben Maxwell highlights From Dust’s clever use of a sandbox to frame and broaden its linear campaign.

UFO: Enemy Unknown and the beauty of self-set objectives

Editor Alex Wiltshire on what modern games can learn from Julian Gollop’s 1994 strategy masterpiece.