The Top 100 Games of the 21st Century

The Top 100 Games of the 21st Century

The Top 100 Games of the 21st Century has ranked the top 100 games of the PlayStation 2 / Xbox / GameCube generation based wholly on unit sales. Analysis includes revenues, average review scores, commentary, spin-offs and more.

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This list’s order and content is copyright to Next Generation and must not be reproduced or copied without the permission of the publisher.

Here are some notes on how this list works.  

  • Stats, ordering and research: thanks to game publishers, retail analysis sources and NPD data.
  • Games are ranked by units sold; then by revenue generated. This tends to favor games released earlier, rather than later, and games which have spent a long time at a lower price point have also done well, but we wanted to reward longevity and popularity across all audiences, not just hardcore.
  • In the event of a tie, games are then ranked by ‘most recently released’ and then by Gameranking average review scores. Special thanks to gameranking, just for being an exceptionally well produced resource.
  • Games are ranked according to the highest selling SKU only. Otherwise the list would be full of sports iterations and big brand spin-offs and sequels.
  • Other platform versions of that game, and 21st century precursors or sequels are included under the ‘franchise sales’ but do not affect overall placing.
  • This list is for the U.S market only.
  • This list only features games released since the introduction of PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. It does not include handheld games or PC games which will be featured in a separate list.
  • Other Franchise Hits qualify if they use the same IP or character in broadly the same genre, and if they managed respectable sales of (roughly speaking) above 200,000 units.
  • Franchise sales includes sales of top selling spin-offs, sequels and predecessors as well as other console versions of the same game.