Why I Make Games: we ask 21 of the world’s leading developers about what motivates them


Hideo Kojima

Director of Kojima Productions, executive vice president and corporate officer of Konami Digital Entertainment

My two sons have changed my world view. The older one is 18, he loves videogames and respects my work. Since his birth, I have always wondered what I could do for his generation, and the idea of transmission is important in the Metal Gear Solid series: how can we build a better world? How to make the impossible possible?

Thanks to Metal Gear Solid, I’d like players to find the courage to surpass themselves and cope with the hardships of life. Ultimately, I think a good game designer should study human beings continuously, understand and experience other cultures, travel, create bonds with people all over the world, feed on extremely varied movies and books… Knowing videogames isn’t enough. And that’s why I like making games.