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David Helgason records message of support for Get Into Games Challenge 2014 entrants

at 10:21am May 15 2014

We’re now a month and a half into the Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2014, the theme for which this year is ‘Protest’. To offer his support, Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason has recorded a message addressed to everyone who’s frantically trying to finish their game ahead of the June 30 deadline. Watch it below.

Get Into Games: Howest University on creating game industry ‘minions’

at 09:45am May 5 2014

There is no glass ceiling on what their graduates can achieve, says Howest University‘s Rik Leenknegt, a strategic advisor on their visual FX and game courses. But the Belgium-based institution is a proud production line for game industry ‘minions’ who can work anywhere in the world to the highest technical standards. Here, Leenknegt explains why…

Get Into Games: BAFTA winner thanks ‘God’ Terry Cavanagh

at 10:06am April 16 2014
Dare 2014

There are many routes into the game industry, but seldom will the path be easy. That’s a truism BAFTA One To Watch award winners DOS Studios can vouch for, and then some. Most of the team met up in their native Norway to create a game as a final year project in their Game Design…

Get into Games: Jon Hare’s mission to get top graduates into game jobs

at 05:32pm March 14 2014

Veteran developer Jon Hare hopes to expand a scheme that connects game graduates and employers. And he believes the focus on designing full games and learning professional practices provided by his Business and Universities Game Syndicate (BUGS) initiative will help reverse the UK game industry’s slide down the international development pecking order. “If we want…

Get Into Games: Dare To Be Digital 2014 offers aspiring developers a chance at BAFTA glory

at 04:00pm February 28 2014
Dare to be digital

A development competition which offers students and recent graduates a shot at BAFTA glory is once again open to entries. Dare To Be Digital, run by the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland, is looking for teams of artists and programmers to pitch game concepts and win professional mentoring and funding to put their ideas…

Get Into Games: Media Molecule, Naughty Dog and more to flock to Teesside’s Animex festival

at 04:00pm February 7 2014

Animex is a week-long festival celebrating games, animation, comics and visual effects through a programme of talks and workshops. It prides itself on being an inspirational, inclusive event where students and those starting out in game development get the chance to meet and learn from experts hailing from a number of big-name studios. It’ll be…

Get Into Games: 1,030 reasons Abertay will help to shape the game industry

at 04:00pm January 31 2014

If you asked industry insiders to name the most influential people in games, the same household names would keep cropping up and few of them – if any – would be educators. As respected as he is within the industry and academia, Gregor White would probably be among those overlooked in favour of the development…

Get Into Games: Epic opens its first ever Games Centre at Staffordshire University

at 10:00am January 27 2014
Mike Gamble

Epic Games’ European boss Mike Gamble opened the new Epic Games Centre at Staffordshire University last week, a partnership which will see students work exclusively with Epic’s UDK and also allow the studio host developer days at the institution. Staffordshire University already offers several videogame-related courses, and with the new Epic Games Centre it hopes…

Get Into Games: lifting the fog on game technology

at 01:00pm December 22 2013

In the bowels of the University of Sunderland’s Media Centre, tucked behind banks of screens and empty boxes of kit, sits Mike Pinchin, senior lecturer in video and new media. He’s a man with a passion – scratch that – an obsession with new tech and the power of games to enhance learning and reconnect…

Get Into Games: ‘Students should anticipate PlayStation 5′

at 02:00pm December 1 2013
Southampton Solent university

A leading games academic believes anyone seeking a career in the industry should be looking beyond the current generation of consoles in anticipation of an immersive play revolution. Adam Barton, course leader for Southampton Solent’s BA (Hons) in Computer and Videogames, says the fanfares heralding PS4 and Xbox One are justified, but warns they could…

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