E250: Edge Developer Awards – The world’s 50 greatest videogame developers


Behind the intricate, metallic pattern of issue 250’s cover is the inaugural Edge Developer Awards, a new, annual list in which we rank the top 50 devs in the world today. Judged by Edge’s editorial team, the EDA’s disregard revenue, sales figures and review scores and look instead at technical and creative ability – the studios that realise the most involving and stimulating game worlds whether that’s through visual, audio or game design. And we dedicate 12 pages to our number one studio, Valve, to discover what makes the developer so special.

While the EDA’s draw attention to the people behind the games that players often don’t see, our lead story in Knowledge shines light on the truth behind something they often do: the bullshot. We explore the increasingly twisted landscape of doctored videogame promotional screenshots. We also look at how Swedish startup Toca Boca’s homespun charm is conquering the App Store and speak to the industry consultant who wants to help Canadian indies enjoy a smooth ride.

Meanwhile, celebrated sci-fi author and activist Cory Doctorow talks about digital afterlife, why Apple would be a bad armchair maker and Katamari Damacy. You’ll find the rest of what’s inside after the cover below.

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– BioShock Infinite
– Crysis 3
– The Cave
– Fuse
– Warface
– Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel
– Marvel Heroes
– Hype round-up


– PlanetSide 2
– DmC: Devil May Cry
– The Walking Dead
– Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch
– Ace Of Spades
– Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
– Uncharted: Fight For Fortune Vita
– Aero Porter
– QatQi


– Your letters
Trigger Happy Steven Poole discusses the moral dilemmas of Virtue’s Last Reward
Level Head The controversies of this year reveal a deeper issue to Leigh Alexander
You’re Playing It Wrong Brian Howe lists the bottom 50 developers in the game industry


Edge Developer Awards Edge ranks the top 50 developers in the world today
Our winner: Valve We delve inside Valve to discover what makes this company so special


People Why Mohammad Alavi passed up medical school for game design
Places How the barren landscape of The Reach gives life to Skyrim’s world
Things We take a look at the true purpose of The Animus in Assassin’s Creed
Studio Profile After a tight-lipped spell, Bungie opens up to reveal what’s next
The Making Of… Sleeping Dogs, the ode to Hong Kong that wouldn’t be put down
- The Art Of… Gears Of War 3, an Epic game that wasn’t inhibited by 360’s specs
What Games Are Tadhg Kelly on removing the twee from broadcasters’ view of gaming
In The Click Of It Clint Hocking examines the takes on abdicating authorship in games
The Possibility Space Randy Smith explains why he thinks Dishonored is better than Thief
Word Play James Leach discusses what makes effective in-game conversation